Temperature Sensors

Sensors and Thermostats to Manage Environments of -40 to 400 Degrees.

Monitor and manage the temperature of your smart building, plant, site or individual containers with real time data reporting and instant alerts for better control.


What Are Orion Data Network Temperature Sensors?

Wireless and battery powered Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network Temperature Sensors and Thermostats work in environments of -40 to 120+ degrees. They can be installed at your site in mere seconds with no wiring and no requirements for a mains power source.

They enable you to monitor and manage the temperature of your home, business, plant, site or container in real time with customised reporting tailored to your exact needs. They provide cost-effective convenience, safety and security for your high value assets, key personnel and customers whilst also reducing your operational expenditure and your carbon footprint. The battery lasts for over 3 years without recharging. The design is dependent on the application and we are able to create a bespoke design for customers who require a sensor for extreme environments or unusual application.


Commercial Applications of Orion Temperature Sensors

Our Orion Temperature Sensors are high strength and extremely durable and have an extremely wide application across a wide range of industries.

Coolant temperature sensors to measure the temperature of the engine coolant of an internal combustion engine.

Cable Temperature sensors for electric motor wingdings.

Sensors to measure the temperature of engine oil, bearings and transmissions.

Sensors for use in laboratories and testing units.

Measurement of the temperature of gases, solids and liquids.

Temperature gauges to ensure the safe passage of food and other perishable goods in transit.

Controlling heating systems in smart homes, public buildings, factories and the workplace.

Temperature gauges for construction and plant equipment for safety and optimal usage, low maintenance and longevity.

Measuring the temperature of return water.

Optimising air conditioning and heating units to reduce unnecessary heat consumption, regulate air supply, save money and reduce carbon footprint.

Reduces the risk of commercial stoves overheating or soot in the chimney catching fire.

Sensors to control humidity for comfort, safety and care of perishable goods.

Measuring the temperature of commercial freezers and refrigerators in the food and drink and transport industries.

Optimising the use of renewable energy source such as windpower, solar and geothermal energy for drilling, biomass combustion and hydropower.

Prevent diesel engine in the rail sector from overheating.

Ensuring the correct temperature for sterilising units, incubators, feeding units and surgical equipment in the Health sector.

Growing Soft Fruit & Vegetables

Temperature sensors are essential to successfully grow the highest quality soft fruit such as strawberries, avocado, asparagus, blackberries and blueberries. Smarter Technologies temperature sensors enable you to utilise the most cutting edge and innovative growing techniques by creating the precise environment and temperature required for each different type of fruit, vegetable or other crop. This gives your business a competitive edge and makes your produce world class.


We create coolant temperature sensor solutions to measure and maintain the temperature of the engine coolant of internal combustion engines in manufacturing and other industries like construction and automotive, to prevent damage to the machine, accident, injury and fire and to enable predictive maintenance. Our sensors can also measure the temperature of engine oil, bearings and transmissions.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors Smarter Technologies Group Orion temperature solutions can be used in laboratories and testing units, when drugs, blood and organs are in transit and when making and storing drugs and components. They can also be used to monitor hospital machinery to ensure it is working properly and not overheating.


Our temperature sensors can be set at precise temperatures or parameters to ensure the safe passage of perishable food items throughout the supply chain and also proper storage to prevent waste, food going off and causing consumer sickness and to mitigate the risk of resultant reputational damage.

Home & Public Spaces

Out temperature sensors solutions connected to the smart Orion Data Network can be used by private house owners in their smart homes and by local council’s in housing and public spaces to control hating systems and air conditioning.

Restaurants & Bars

You can use our temperature sensors to prevent commercial stoves and ovens overheating protecting the public and staff from explosions and fires and reducing the risk of damage to food and health. They can also be used to ensure that freezers are sufficiently cold for correct storage.

Renewable Energy

Optimise the use of renewable energy sources such as windpower, solar and geothermal energy for drilling, biomass combustion and hydropower with our hype sensitive temperature sensor solutions.



Here are some examples of the industries that our using our temperature sensors connected to the Orion Data Network:




Breweries & Distilleries






Hotels & Leisure




Museums & Galleries


Oil & Gas


Plant Hire


Public Sector




Container Tracking


Smart Cities




What are the Benefits of Orion Temperature Sensors?


Ensures consistent and correct temperature for produce and machinery


Protects your business from reputational damage


3 year+ battery life with no recharging


Capable of reducing your carbon footprint


Fast, simple installation


Highly cost effective and reduces Capex and Opex


Increase worker comfort and safety


Keep high value assets in transit at the right temperature


Protect key personnel


Get real time feedback over the Orion Data Network


Customised real time reporting



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