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Asset Tracking Solutions

Since 2001 NFC have been solving the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements

Asset Tracking Systems

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Welcome to NFC, an award winning real time asset tracking and recovery company using combined RFID GPS tracking systems, we supply a hugely diverse range of market-leading turnkey asset tracking solutions for companies, governments and NGOs around the globe. We specialise in complex real time asset visibility and security solutions unlike any other company in our sector by land, sea, and air – even in the most remote and hostile of environments. NFC offer a bespoke hardware and software solution service to meet the most demanding of projects based on the Home Office approved Orion Data Network, removing the requirements for SIM cards and dramatically reducing operational costs. NFC aim to deliver within budget and to agreed deadlines.

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When you want to discuss how we can design and build an asset monitoring, tracking, recovery and security solution that aligns with your wider business goals, you can call us on + 44 (0) 1425 485263 and speak to an Orion Data Network expert, who is experienced in your industry and understands your business needs.


Our bespoke and standard Orion asset management and security solutions are quick to install and integrate easily into your existing systems. This means that, within a matter of hours, your business can start to benefit from the total visibility and control provided by pre-defined, real-time asset location and status data, via reporting and alerts straight to your mobile.


NFC Group’s Radio Frequency Identification and GPS solutions, comprising Orion Data Network tags and gateways, allow you to pinpoint the precise location of all your valuable assets and key personnel. Our end-to-end asset management solutions with IoT enabled sensors, enable predictive and preventative maintenance scheduling; automated asset retirement and repurchase; and asset security and recovery on land, sea and air.


The Orion Data Network can reduce your asset tracking costs by up to 75% compared to other comparable solutions. The technology is resistant to jamming techniques so your business data and physical assets are secure. Total asset control and security improves the asset lifecycle; automates and streamlines your operations and supply chain; and increases productivity saving you time and money while enabling you to meet your clients KPIs and SLAs.


Asset Tracking Systems

NFC monitor, track and recover assets worldwide. We provide asset tracking systems to the open market fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Turnkey solutions from container tracking to advanced CIT security applications. Military grade asset tracking devices and bespoke build tracking solutions to order.

Surveillance & Recovery

Evolved from the security sector over the last decade, the Orion IoT Data Network is now serving a wealth of markets across the globe. NFC specialise in the oil & gas, military, government, healthcare, global shipping and security industries. See our primary markets of expertise to see how Orion can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Orion Data Network

Privately owned Orion Data Network – Low power long range real-time asset tracking and security network being utilised the world over. Manage your global assets in real-time whilst reducing commercial costs by more than 75%. Dramatically increased supply chain productivity, See how the Orion Network can benefit your business today.

Orion Data Network Asset Tracking Projects

The Bolus Project

The Pallet Tracking Project

The Aircraft Project

The Rhino Project

The Keg Tracking Project

The Fire Service Project

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NFC Group announces a significant valuation

“This is an investment which values the group of companies in the tens of millions. Clearly this is based on the expected future valuation of the group. NFC Group are one of the very few providers that have both the hardware and software deployed and working in around fifteen different market sectors, across twenty-five countries worldwide.”

Matt Walker, a director of NFC Group.

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Comparative tracking technologies

Property ORION Bluetooth CIoT 2G 3G 4G LoRa Sigfox WIFI ZigBee
Broadcast × × × × × × × × ×
Analogue Mode × × × × × × × × ×
Digital Mode
Lowest frequency × × × × × × × × ×
High Data rate × × × × ×
Medium Data rate × × × × × × ×
Short range × × × × ×
Medium range × × × × ×
Long range × × × × ×
Fast message rate ×
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