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Beer Keg and Cask Asset Tracking and Security to Extend Keg Lifetime and Reduce your Overheads.

How much money could you save if your keg lifetime was increased to fulfil its maximum potential of 20-40 years?

Smarter Technologies Group’s Keg Asset Tracking and Security Solutions for the Brewery & Distillery industry give you total visibility over your keg supply chain to prevent theft and damage, predict keg maintenance and purchase schedules and manage your keg population more efficiently.

Preventing Beer Keg Loss & Damage

Decline in Draught Sales

The decline in draught beer sales in Europe in recent years has made operational efficiency in the beer keg supply chain more important than ever before. With new kegs costing between £60 to £75 each, kegs are a valuable asset that cost breweries and distilleries huge losses each year from theft, damage poor handling and maintenance costs. Theft of full kegs has an even bigger negative impact on profits. The keg design protects from fraudulent practices such as topping. However, the price of steel means that using these containers makes your keg fleet highly desirable to thieves. Also, the multiple stages in the supply chain and the amount of manual handling involved results in excessive keg damage that could easily be avoided with the right tracking and security system.

Achieving Supply Chain Efficiency

The key to maximising efficiency is to gain greater visibility on every stage of the beer keg supply chain and see whether theft or damage are occurring at the filling, distribution, inventory stacking, delivery, collection or return stage. When you can pinpoint where beer keg damage and beer keg theft are occurring you can prevent these losses and maximise the beer keg life and your profits.

Managing your keg fleet population with manual processes is a slow, labour-intensive process that is open to human error. It also only enables you to get sample statistics from less than 1% of your keg container fleet which leads to skewed statistics that don’t give you a clear view on what is actually occurring in the supply chain. Making informed business decisions under these circumstances is extremely difficult and leads to time and cost efficiencies.

Orion Data Network Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network RFID beer keg tracking and tagging system enables real-time, 24/7 visibility over your entire fleet so you can make informed supply chain decisions and protect your assets. It is designed to efficiently track containers, kegs and beer gas cylinders of all types, regardless of material. The Orion keg tracking system is resistant to metal equipment and the metal containers themselves, to give you 100% accurate data on the status, location and condition of all your beer kegs, all of the time.

NFC Group beer keg tracking

Key Benefits


Increase Brewery & Distillery supply chain visibility and efficiency


Track, monitor and recover beer kegs, containers and contents


Automate keg and container management


Prevent beer keg and container theft and damage


Create predictive maintenance and repurchase schedules


Extend keg, cask and container lifetime


Invaluable business intelligence through data insights for better informed decision-making


Reduce overheads, increase productivity, improve customer experience

To discover the full range of features and benefits that Orion brings to breweries and distilleries visit <“”>this page.

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