Low Power Radio

Smarter Technologies are the creators and private owners of the Orion Data Network, with 600 based stations already deployed around the UK and expected to grow to 1700 during 2018, we aim to have a national network in place by the end of the year.

Low Power Radio, or LPR is a term used to describe many different types of low power solution. There are as many as fourteen different flavours of some of the common types such as LoRa. There is also Sixfox, which aims to create a global network and NB IoT which seems to be favoured by most existing carriers.

The issue from a client perspective is that these are the building blocks for solutions, not a complete package. Hence Smarter Technologies creation of Orion, a network for the real time tracking of assets and people. Orion has a number of unique features not found in the design of the other solutions because Smarter Technologies came from a development background that had provided really good exposure to the numerous in field problems experienced with other radio systems.

The key point to all of this is to remember that the client does not care what radio is used, they simply want a working solution. Orion has the benefit of having been used operationally in many different markets for a number of years. It is not a panacea for all radio problems, it just works really well for the real time tracking of assets and people.

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