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Innovative technology to streamline Fire Service processes and operations for a more productive, cost efficient and safer fire station.

How effectively is your Fire Station meeting the requirements of the government and needs of the general public? Would your force, and the community they serve, benefit from technology that automates your processes and operations; maximises the lifecycle of your assets; enables automatic inventory and predictive maintenance; improves response times; and keeps your site more secure and your firefighters safer?

Goals of Smart Solutions for the Fire & Rescue Service

The primary goals of Smarter Technologies Grop’s smart solutions for the Fire & Rescue Service are to:


Make it easier to protect vulnerable members of the public


Save lives and minimise injuries to building occupants and community members during a fire


Ensure firefighter occupational health and safety


Streamline operations and processes and enhance overall efficiency, accountability, asset lifecycle and cost effectiveness

Orion Data Network Solutions for Fire & Rescue Services

The Orion Data Network is uniquely positioned to help global Fire and Rescue services meet the requirements and demands of the public and governments they serve while also remaining within tight budgets and time and resource constraints. Orion consists of RFID technology, GPS, non-GPS and switch tags, IoT-enabled sensors and gateways. The tags can be attached to fire station assets such as jaws of life, uniforms, fire hoses and fire trucks so that you can track the location and status of all your Fire Service assets and personnel.

Location Tracking and Monitoring

Orion Fire & Rescue solutions give you comprehensive zonal coverage at the fire station and at the site of an emergency, so you can pinpoint the precise position, rank and status of the attending personnel and the location of your assets and equipment at all times. This ensures that you take the right equipment to every incident and that all equipment and personnel are audited and accounted for and returned to the fire station after the incident has been dealt with.

All our solutions are multi-layered and can be integrated with one another and your existing site systems. For example, in addition to location tracking, the system has geo-fencing capabilities whereby you can set fixed locations for each high value asset and be instantly notified when that asset is removed outside of those parameters. This prevents theft, enable fire stations to share resources, streamlines inventory and speeds up emergency response times and efficiency.

Environment Tracking

Asset tracking and auditing is just one aspect of Orion’s functionality. The Orion tags are designed to monitor changes in the state of their environment and can be integrated into existing hardware. This means that Orion can detect a wide variety of state changes such as tampering, tilt, open, close, temperature, air quality, and liquid, gas and solid levels amongst many others. So, the sensors can detect and Orion can report real-time data upon the activation of a misting unit or a smoke alarm. This not only alerts your fire station instantly to enable better emergency response times, but also if a fire suppression system is set off accidentally, it alerts all parties to the fact that the system needs replenishing or replacing for future use.

NFC Group Fire & Rescue asset tracking
Tracking Personnel & Access Location

In addition to tracking assets Orion can be used to track firefighters at the fire station and at an incident, track visitors to the fire station and control authorised and unauthorised access to all areas on site. The RFID tags can be used to verify the identity of visitors, firefighters and employees, and give the exact location of all personnel, integrating with other security systems such as CCTV. They provide maximum visibility and security to keep both employees and the general public safe and show at a glance who is out on a call, who is not working and who remains at the fire station.

Fire & Rescue Asset Recovery

Orion solutions include a specially-designed hand-held RFID reader that transmits in beacon mode, so that if any of your assets are stolen from you fire station you can track them down to their exact location in record time and recover them before they are sold on or stripped for parts. Our team of experts will train your personnel to use the hand-held readers and also work with Fire Service personnel and the Police to track and recover lost assets and provide evidence to make sure that thieves are arrested, and a conviction secured. You can also track and recover any assets that have been lost due to being accidentally left at the site of an emergency.

Automist PPS and Smoke Alarms

An excellent example of how a modern Fire Service is utilising Orion smart solutions is our work with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service (DWfire). The Fire Service has integrated our Orion tags into two automist PPS and smoke alarm devices situated in local housing where vulnerable members of the community reside. Personal protection systems can be deployed fast amongst those members of the community who require them most and the fire department receives instant alerts when these members of the community require immediate assistance.

Smarter Technologies Group has also fitted Orion GPS tags to firefighters’ helmets, other high value assets and equipment to track firefighters and the equipment they use for better health, safety and efficiency on a call out.

Orion provides DWfire will a 360 degree view of what is happening within the fire station and at every incident. Our solutions give insight into any bottlenecks in fire station procedures and allows the fire station to continually improve its service. It also enables predictive maintenance and automatic ordering of spare parts to make sure that all equipment is up to date and ready for an emergency.

Features of the Orion Data Network for Fire & Rescue

It has many advantages over traditional technologies for hugely improved asset visibility, monitoring and recovery:

Sim free so there are no GSM associated costs and smaller devices.

Lower frequency than GSM.

Reduced power requirement so that tags last for years not just days as with other systems.

Orion is Multi-functional; it’s not just a tracking device, it also gives temperature readings and records movement and shock.

Remote configuration means tags can receive messages in all locations.

Non-GPS tags are available for tamper alerts and logistics solutions.

Switch tags are deployed for smoke detectors and fire systems.

Orion solutions provide special temperature monitoring tags.

Coverage is better than other tracking systems at 500m to 10km per gateway.

Orion has unique recovery ability as it can switch from digital to analogue for more accurate location finding.

Orion’s infrastructure can be rapidly deployed due to the network’s wireless nature.

Custom Data Reporting and Alerts with multiple report formats to meet the specific requirements of Fire & Rescue teams.

The Orion tag and gateway signals penetrate concrete walls, metal and under ground surfaces.

Day to day and during emergencies Orion provides Fire & Rescue teams with real-time reporting every 15 seconds when assets or personnel are in motion and every 2 minutes when equipment and machinery is stationary.

Intelligent Data – a suite of API’s and online asset management system capable of managing all of your physical assets and billing reports with greater efficiency and clarity.

How the Orion Data Network Benefits the Fire & Rescue Sector


Improves safety for key firefighting personnel and the general public


Removes the need for manual processes to save time and money and free up resources


Enables you to monitor, track and recover equipment and individuals


Prevents loss, theft and damage to essential firefighting equipment


Provides peace of mind that your fire trucks and your firefighters have the appropriate equipment and are prepared to respond to an emergency at all times


Enables faster response time in emergencies as personnel and fire trucks are properly equipped


Orion reduces the cost of your Fire & Rescue asset tracking solutions by up to 75% compared to other GSM, CDMA and RFID solutions in the market place

Bring your Fire & Rescue Service on the next level

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