Dog Tracking System

Smarter Technologies Group’s Canine Tracking solutions combine the natural tracking capabilities of working dogs with high tech asset tracking equipment to keep endangered wildlife, conservation park rangers, VIPs, military units and emergency services personnel safe.

More than Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are widely perceived as man’s best friend and a faithful and loving addition to our households. However, beloved family pet is just one role that they fulfil. All over the world individual dogs and canine units are trained and deployed to support, protect and entertain people in a wide variety of ways. These include search & rescue, military and police operations, herding and hunting, guarding and close protection, detection, therapy, sledding and racing, and TV and movies.

High Value Assets

A fully trained working dog can be worth anywhere between £2,000 to £40,000, depending on the breed, type of training and the industry it works in, so these dogs are very valuable assets as well as being much respected and loved members of the teams who work with them.

Canine Tracking Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group designs bespoke canine tracking solutions connected to the Orion Data Network so you can track your valuable canine workers while they are in the line of duty. Our Orion solutions allow you to track the dogs’ vital statistics to ensure they are healthy and protected at all times. You can also track their global positioning to determine the location of people and other animals they are tracking and pinpoint their own location to rescue them if they sustain an injury or get lost or abducted.

Orion Data Network

Orion’s hardware is amongst the smartest in the world. The radio frequency identification (RFID) tags report back in real time to allow you to take immediate action. They also learn their environment by constantly gathering and processing data so, over time, any unusual behaviour patterns become apparent, allowing you to also make better informed long-term business decisions.

Orion’s application in the supply chain and for logistics in any industry is almost limitless. Any asset that requires real time tracking can be joined to the network. The hardware and software can be specially customised with a suite of APIs and easy integration into existing systems, to meet the needs of any of your special projects.

The Customisable D360 Dog Tracking Collar

Rugged and Hardwearing Devices

The D360 is Smarter Technologies Group’s custom-designed canine tracking collar. The hard-wearing design can withstand chewing, biting, drool and extreme weather. These qualities and its ability to send data feedback over the Orion network in real time, set it apart from other canine tracking solutions in the market. The breadth, depth and accuracy of the data available over the Orion network is far greater than other solutions allowing you to determine your dog’s temperature and overall health and actively or passively track their location.

Lightweight and Long-lasting

The D360 is very lightweight weighing only 28 grams (plus the collar weight) to ensure optimum comfort for the dogs in your unit. It runs on one AA battery and there is no need for reliance on SIM, GSM or other ongoing subscription costs. The system also reports back to you on battery life.

Good for the Environment

The award-winning Orion Data Network produces energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions that not only protect your canine units and the assets and people they are protecting, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Orion can also help to reduce your asset management expenditure by up to 75% more than other solutions in the marketplace.

Decide What You Want to Measure

The huge range of IoT enabled sensors that we utilise means that the collar can be customised to measure and report on a vast array of variable conditions. These include temperature, tampering, tilt, shock, impact, location and pre-determined geofenced locations and many more, depending on your requirements.

From this data you can determine whether your dog is feeling fit and heathy or if they are over-exerting themselves, overheating and in need of rest and water. You can easily locate a dog that has been injured and has hidden itself according to its training. The system can be set up to send the dog handler and HQ emergency alerts when the dogs temperature reaches a certain level, when geofenced locations are breached or according to other parameters. The collar is fully customisable and Smarter Technologies Group can also create a completely bespoke solution for your canine unit that is adapted to your specific needs.

Public Service Dogs

In the Military and police forces the K9 units undertake a variety of dangerous and important tasks. They detect explosives and drugs at airports and other public places, search buildings for missing persons after fires and natural disasters, chase down absconding criminals, deter criminal activity, help with crowd control, guard sites and protect VIPs. Tracking the dogs allows handlers to, for example, locate a criminal that the dog is chasing even at night. If a criminal drives away with a vehicle containing the K9 unit the handler and HQ can track the whereabouts of the vehicle and the dog to execute a successful rescue mission. Once a dog has completed its K9 duties it needs to be detrained so it can relax and enjoy a normal life in retirement. Orion K9 and D360 collars are very useful for de-training as well as training exercises.

Integrated Dog Tracking System Solutions

Smarter Technologies canine tracking devices can be used in conjunction with a variety of our other hardware and security measures in order to create a complete end-to-end solution. For one of our clients we are currently using canine trackers to protect rhinos in a wildlife conservancy. We can also fit individuals in the herd of rhinos with a specially designed W360 collar to allow the conservationists to track them and understand their behaviour better, so helping to drive the conservation project to success.

To support dogs protecting a site, such as an art gallery and its high value assets, we can provide CCTV and an infrared sensor system and attach tags to the individual artefacts and works of art. Each device is connected to Orion, to give you real time reporting on the status of all your assets and your K9 team at all times. Our solutions can be easily integrated with one another and with your own existing infrastructure and security.

NFC Group Mkomazi national park tracking

Features & Benefits of Orion for Canine Tracking


Market-leading IoT, GPS, RFID data network designed and built in the United Kingdom


N+1 backbone infrastructure to engage the M2M marketplace with end-to-end turnkey solutions


Deployable anywhere in the world, even in remote areas, quickly, simply and cost-effectively


Operates over a system of tags and gateways. Unlimited scalability and flexibility


Orion can reduce costs by up to 75% more than regular GSM CDMA solutions


Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery for Canine Units


Allows you to ensure your working dogs’ location, health and safety


Reduces waste and carbon emissions for a greener footprint


For military, anti-poaching, police, search and rescue, conservation, guarding, close protection and entertainment

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