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Innovative Smarter Technologies Group hardware and technology, supported by the Orion Data Network, to protect Cash, Cash in Transit, associated assets and personnel in the Banking, Retail and other sectors.

Cash Crime

Cash Remains the Number 1 Payment Method

Even with the number of electronic payments growing exponentially year on year and the media speculation about us one day becoming a cashless society, cash transactions are still the most frequently used payment method in the UK.

In 2016 there were 15.4 billion cash payments by consumers and businesses, which was 25% more than debit cards, the second most frequently used method. It’s clear then that for the foreseeable future, cash is here to stay.

Recent Rise in Cash Crime

In 2013 the UK press published several articles stating that cash crime and bank robberies were declining, but we’ve seen crime in this area rise back up again in the last 4 years in both the UK and America.

In the USA bank robberies rose by 3.5% in 2015 and according to FBI statistics there were 4,251 bank crimes in 2016. In the UK this year, there has been an increase in bank and cash in transit robberies with, for example, 3 bank robberies occurring at 2 different banks on the same street in Birmingham in one month and 13 CIT incidents carried out by a one criminal gang in Manchester and Lancashire.

According to a presentation by London flying squad officers to the gambling industry last year, there has been a huge surge in cash crimes in this sector, with almost 40% of all serious crime being targeted at betting shops and cash in transit from the shop to the bank.

This means we still need powerful and innovative solutions to protect cash, ATMs and associated assets and the personnel who handle them daily in the Banking sector and other sectors such as Retail and Gambling.

Current Cash Protection Solutions

Traditional Solutions are Becoming Outdated

Over the years it has become clear that CCTV and enhanced locks alone are not sufficient to deter or capture thieves. More recently the trend in cash crime solutions has been to plant ink and gas cash- staining and smoke-emitting devices that ruin the cash once the robbers have stolen it.

For bank vaults, safes and CIT scenarios, these tend to be packs with motion sensors that are triggered when the thieves enter the safe or vault, or come into physical contact with the bundles, money bags or other cash containers. The technology is designed so that once the cash is outside the building the red smoke, dye or tear gas is activated and released. The idea is that the thieves will abandon the stolen cash so it can be recovered, and they will be covered in the dye and easy for police and witnesses to identify. Other smoke and dye security packs are custom-designed to sit in the tellers’ drawers in banks and stores.

Limitations of Smoke & Dye

These solutions are valuable, but have their limits, as these techniques can be overcome by thieves who are aware of their widespread usage. Also, expensive pyrotechnic and tear gas solutions can be rendered ineffective when the robbers have placed the cash into large, robust kit bags to transport it and they may not even notice the smoke or gas.

The team at Smarter Technologies Group, has designed innovative, cost-effective Orion CashPacks, a new covert layer of security that utilises the cutting-edge technology of our Orion Data Network.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion CashPack Solutions

Our Orion CashPack Solutions are a unique combination of Internet of Things, RFID and GPS technology to create a highly accurate, covert, real-time cash tracking, monitoring, recovery and criminal identification solution.

How Orion CashPacks Work

Our Orion solutions comprise covert GPS tags that are attached to the cash and send out a unique identification number to an Orion gateway, placed in your bank or retail store or, in beacon mode, to a hand-held RFID reader. The Orion gateways capture the tags’ unique ID and passes it to the middleware solution, which in turn organises your pre-defined data, such as location, and alerts you to the precise location of your cash. The tags report every 30 seconds while moving and every 2 minutes when stationary. The Orion CashPacks can be used in combination with smoke and dye, or alone as a covert cash tracking and recovery device.

Cost-effective Smarter, Greener Technology

Orion is one of the smartest technologies in the current asset security, tracking and recovery market. The tags learn their environment by gathering thousands of pieces of data every second. After a short time learning their surroundings, unusual behaviour patterns can be spotted, and preventative measures deployed.

Orion also reduces your cash tracking costs by up to 75% compared to other solutions and has a much higher cash recovery rate. As with all our solutions, the Orion CashPacks are ecologically driven and reduce your carbon footprint for greater sustainability. Your Orion CashPack solutions are infinitely scalable for use across multiple sites across the globe. It’s back-end infrastructure has been developed over the last decade and throughout its evolution we have always been focused on creating the best possible user experience for our clients. The result is a suite of API’s and a cash and asset management system capable of securing your cash and, if the worst happens, enabling you to recover it quickly and secure a conviction.

Our Orion experts are fully trained and highly experienced in liaising with the police to recover your cash and other assets fast.

Other Orion Solutions for Banking, Retail and CIT

Our Orion Data Network solutions have virtually limitless application. We can create a full range of bespoke, IoT-enabled hardware devices to form an end-to-end asset security, asset tracking and recovery solution for all your banking, retail and CIT needs. This includes SOS, panic and man down alarms; key personnel, vehicle and cash tracking and recovery devices; close protection solutions; safe and vault alarms and site and perimeter security.

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