Pyroelectric (Passive) InfraRed Sensors

Sensors for Burglar Alarms and Automatic Access Points

These passive infrared sensors are used in Smarter Technologies Group’s solutions to detect unusual movement, allowing you to deter and catch intruders both in the home and at business premises or in remote rural areas such as farms. They are also used commercially in public spaces and airports for example, for automatic flushing for toilets, automatic doors and stop and start mechanisms for taps, escalators and lifts.

What is a PIR Sensor?

Smarter Technologies Groups Orion Passive Infrared Sensors are composed of crystalline pyro-electric sensors that measure the infrared radiation that emanates from lifeforms and objects that generate heat. They can also measure the absence of infrared light when an object that does not emit infrared radiation interrupts the device’s beam. They have a range of about 12-14m. They are passive because they do not emit any energy, only accept energy from their external environment. The optimal environment for use is between 15°C and 20°C.

When the normal temperature flow is interrupted by movement and infrared radiation the sensor detects the change and can report the information back via an alert or alarm. The sensors can be adapted to the conditions of their natural environment, so a normal level of everyday movement disturbance or temperature disruption will not cause the alarm to go off unnecessarily. Sudden changes will cause a high-level output response that will cause the alarm to trigger. Our PIR sensors are most commonly used in Passive Infrared Detectors (PID) motion detection devices.

Sensors can be built to distinguish between an animal on 4 legs and a person on 2 legs so that guard dogs and pets do not set the alarm system off.

What are the Commercial Applications of PIR Sensors?

Our Orion PIR sensors are used in a wide variety of applications in a huge range of industries all over the world. The global PIR motion sensor market is set to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11% between 2016 and 2020.

Our PIR sensors are commonly used in automatic access points, taps, toilets, lifts and escalators in Public Sector buildings, corporate offices, shopping complexes and airports. They are deployed in the military and defence sector to identify, locate and isolate moving targets. And of course, they have widespread application as an excellent security measure in the form of burglar alarms for private homes, smart homes, hospitals, care homes, construction sites and rural businesses. PIR sensors have a deserved reputation as the most reliable and cost-effective motion detectors on the market.

Common applications in public buildings include:

Outdoor building, smart home and garden lighting and burglar alarms

Lift lighting and lift doors

Escalators, lifts, doors and lighting in multi apartment and shopping complexes

Communal hallways and staircases in public and private buildings

Underground Parking Lots

Automatic Door Opening System in Shopping Malls

Military and Defence operations and manoeuvres

Construction site security

Remote rural business, farm and home security

PIR Sensors Connected to the Orion Data Network


Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion PIR sensors are small and unobtrusive, low-power and hardwearing with an excellent wide lens range. They are extremely quick and easy to install and we offer both magnetic or adhesive backing plates that can be mounted on all surfaces and locations. Their battery life is 3 years with no recharge required and the sensors themselves do not wear out and can be reused reducing both your capex and your carbon footprint. They are highly sensitive to abnormal changes in the environment and over the Orion Data Network they can feedback essential information to you in real time sending alerts to your computer or mobile device instantly.

What are the Benefits of the Orion Data Network PIR Sensors?


Broad application in various different industries


Identify, locate and isolate moving targets


Distinguish between human intruder and authorised pet or guard dog


For automatic access points and taps, toilets, lifts and escalators


Real time data reporting, alerts and alarms


Customisable for pre-defined data sets


Reliable and cost-effective


Reusable, hard wearing, long lifecycle


12-14m range


3 year+ battery life


Outdoor and indoor use

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