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Pioneers in delivering asset tracking, asset security and asset recovery solutions for the global market since 2001, Smarter Technologies Group are best known as the creators of the award-winning Orion Data Network. This ground-breaking, low-cost, scalable, radio frequency security and logistics network enables real-time visibility, tracking and analytics, while reducing operational costs by more than 75%.

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Mission Statement

A UK based company, whose mission is to provide businesses with the technology they need to compete in a smart Web-based world. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and providing the necessary technical expertise, Smarter Technologies Group brings to the market a fresh perspective on B2B IOT Technology. Smarter Technologies Group provides businesses with turn-key IOT solutions based upon the latest technology utilizing Web-based applications, alongside superior customer support and training, to take a company’s infrastructure into the future and beyond. Smarter Technologies Group is pioneering the way for cities and countries alike to become smarter, more efficient whilst reducing expenditure

Smarter Technologies Group Core Values

Our 6 core values are at the heart of Smarter Technologies Group’s every interaction with our clients, partners, the general public and the environment. They are:

1. Innovation

2. Determination

3. Intergrity

4. Efficiency

5. Conversation

6. Sustainability

Executive Officers

CMatt has spent 25 years working in the defence and telemetry arena.

He has a degree in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and remote sensing.

Initially as a defence contractor, he was promoted quickly to board level. From there, in a business development role, he secured a major contract that lead to the formation of a new business that was spun off from the parent company. After running that business for a number of years, he went to join his wife, who had set up NFC now (Smarter Technologies Group).

Smarter Technologies Group evolved from component sales into solution sales, and finally into being focused on delivering the privately-owned Orion Data Network. Creating disruptive technical solutions has always been Matt’s business goal.

Smarter Technologies Group Global Teams

One of our other greatest assets are the people who make up our global teams. Take a look at their backgrounds and expertise to see how they contribute to achieving our Mission, Core Values and commitment to excellent client service.


50 Christchurch Road Ringwood Hampshire BH24 1DW
Phone: 0330 223 5000

Central Europe

Narodna 9 Banska Bystrica 97401 Slovakia
Phone: +421 2334 18506

Orion Data Network

One of the things that makes Smarter Technologies Group unique is our privately-owned Orion Data Network. A cost-effective alternative to traditional GSM and satellite tracking technologies, the Orion Data Network has redefined the business benefits of real-time data analytics for our clients.

The key features and benefits of the Orion Data Network are:

Unique Mobile and SIM-free data transmission that simplifies data communications and reduces your operational and capital expenditure and your carbon footprint.

A comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution that allows the you to choose the services and roll-out that suits your particular requirements & budget, increasing your supply chain productivity and efficiency.

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Smarter Technologies Group’s clients benefit from innovative, end-to-end asset tracking services and turnkey solutions with a seamless delivery process that includes:


Expert Consultation and Site Audit


Design & Development


Field Deployment


System Roll-out


Asset Monitoring


Real-time Analytics


Global Asset Recovery

Industries & Clients

Smarter Technologies Group fulfills some of the world’s most complex asset tracking, asset security and asset recovery requirements across a wide range of industries and sectors including:

Aerospace & Defence

Agriculture & Farming



Energy & Utilities

Financial Assets

Healthcare & Hospitals


Oil & Gas

Smart Cities & IoT


Supply Chain Logistics

Wildlife & Conservation

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