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IoT Enabled Asset Management Solutions with Real Time Data Insights to Maximise the Productivity and Security of your Telecom and Mobile Assets.

If you want to prolong the life of your Telecom and Mobile assets to reduce CAPEX and increase efficiency and productivity, Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network asset tracking, monitoring, recovery and security solutions with RFID, GPS and IoT technologies have the answer.

Challenges for Telcos & Mobile Operators

Decentralised and Siloed Asset Management

One of the biggest challenges for Telcos and Mobile Operators is that their numerous voice, data, wireless assets, hardware and day to day equipment are located across a wide variety of locations, all over the globe, often without unified processes or a centralised asset management system. In a lot of companies in the Telecom sector internal organisations and partners within the supply chain operate in a silo with their own infrastructure, systems, processes and operations.

CAPEX losses

Telecoms have been suffering from CAPEX losses for years. The Telecom and Mobile landscape is growing increasingly complex as technology continues to develop rapidly and the multi-supplier landscape grows. Lack of global supply chain visibility makes it impossible to spot weak areas where assets are susceptible to theft and damage. Unnoticed bottlenecks result in long procurement cycles, slow repair turnaround, excessive maintenance costs. The sub-optimal use of Telecom and Mobile assets results in poor asset health and unnecessarily short asset lifecycles.

Legacy Systems & Processes with Low Automation

Slow, inaccurate, legacy asset management systems and predominantly manual processes with no or low levels of automation, can lead to billing errors and inaccurate inventory at warehouse level and on site, resulting in missing equipment and duplicate orders. These inefficient ways of working can also lead to poor network design and issues with the verification of services and devices.

Reactive and Preventative Asset Management

A lack of real time data and proper business intelligence means that asset management is reactive and preventative whereas a system providing real time asset data and predictive analytics would enable Telecom and Mobile operators to be data and insights driven and create predictive asset management schedules.

Mitigating Risks through Centralisation and Consolidation

The Telecommunications industry can mitigate these risks and benefit from huge savings by centralising and consolidating their asset management, increasing asset visibility and improving asset management and lifecycle. These businesses are only as efficient as the technology they invest in, so cutting-edge, multi-purpose solutions that utilise the most state of the art technologies, are a must.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Solutions for Telcos & Mobile Carriers


Smarter Technologies Group creates asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions with cutting-edge RFID, GPS and IoT technology with real time data feedback over our privately-owned Orion Data Network. Our solutions bring the benefits of automation, innovation and digital transformation to your Telecom asset management strategy, to improve your bottom line and allow you to be more efficient and competitive in the Telecoms and Mobile market.

Multiple Technologies for Multipurpose Solutions

The system comprises GPS and non-GPS tags with Radio Frequency Identification and IoT technology that are attached to your assets and, where required, can also be worn by your personnel to protect them when working in remote areas. Each tag has a unique identification number which it transmits to the nearest Orion gateways.

Global Deployment & Easy Installation

Orion can be deployed quickly and cost effectively in any global location, even in the most remote or environmentally challenging areas.

IoT-enabled Sensors

Our solutions are fully customisable, so you can choose from a wide range of IoT sensors to bring you comprehensive asset data from location to other critical factors such as speed, temperature, level, moisture and pressure, amongst many others.

Up to 75% higher Cost Savings

Orion harnesses the power of the IoT, bringing you a highly efficient asset management solution, with up to 75% higher cost savings than other tracking technologies, and an award-winning data management system that enables you to make informed business decisions.

Accurate Tracking & Fast Asset Recovery

You can switch the system to beacon mode, so you can utilise a hand-held RFID reader to track lost and stolen assets on foot or in a vehicle to enable recovery.

RFID is the best asset tracking technology and has wider application than GPS tracking as you don’t need a “line of sight” connection between the asset and the tracker.

Lightweight, discreet, long battery life

Tracking devices can be either overt or covert depending on their purpose in your business. They’re very lightweight and can weigh as little as 28 grams depending on the additional hardware required for your requirements. They last for 3-5 years on a single charge, and report in real-time with a range of up to 10 miles from each Gateway.

Orion gives you easy access to your real time actionable data insights 24/7 as reports, alerts and alarms can be programmed to arrive instantaneously on all different types of mobile device, pager and email and the system integrates with both iOS and android.

How Does Orion Solve the Challenges in the Telecom and Mobile Sector?

Monitor Asset KPIs

Orion allows you to take control of your Telecom asset performance management by monitoring KPIs and critical asset health and integrity factors, combined with real time data and predictive analysis to help you make better business decisions.

Asset Connectivity

Our Orion solutions give you unprecedented asset connectivity and optimised control over the movement of your Mobile and Telecom assets from the warehouse to your site, between global sites and from site to warehouse. Over time it will have a knock-on effect enabling more accurate financial forecasting and reporting, optimised asset lifecycle and an overall improvement in performance and productivity.

Telco & Mobile Asset Tracking & Monitoring

From office equipment such as PCs and laptops to specialised telecommunications equipment, data centre assets and service truck inventory, Orion enables you to track your high value assets showing you not only where they are, but who has been using them. The results are higher levels of responsibility and accountability from all personnel and a reduced risk of unauthorised usage, theft and damage.

Automated Operations and Maintenance

Orion automates the operations and processes associated with asset management, eliminating the serious risk associated with human error. You can also automate other critical tasks and services. For example, automatically and remotely adjusting antennae at Telecom tower sites eradicating the need to visit the sites and carry out the job manually.

Tracking Telecom Personnel

Orion gives you full visibility on the location of your personnel to ensure their safety and security on site, at your customers sites and in remote areas, while also heling to achieve better productivity. Smarter Technologies Group also creates SOS and man down solutions with optional 2-way communication.

Telecom Security & Site Access Control

Security is of paramount importance in the Mobile and telecoms world. The same RFID badges that protect lone workers can be programmed to allow access and prevent unauthorised access to specified locations on your site. In the vent of a breach Orion will send an immediate alert to your mobile device to notify you and you can review access data to identify whose RFID badge has been utilised.

Orion can be deployed as a standalone end-to-end, Telecom and Mobile asset tracking, monitoring, recovery and security solution, or integrated with your existing solutions.



Accessible from your mobile device so you can have access to the complete lifecycle of every one of your telecom assets 24 hours a day, in the palm of your hand.


Highly scalable Telecom and Mobile asset solutions with capacity for unlimited users.


Customisable data and security settings based on individual asset and wider Telco business requirements.


Provides the ability to connect every internal and third-party stakeholder and the Telecom and Mobile assets they utilise.


Better communication and asset management means more accountability, accuracy and bottom-line savings.


Excellent visibility and of inventory saving time and money and increasing productivity.


Better match rate between the physical inventory or asset base and books of account.


Next-generation business intelligence for informed decision-making.


Up to 75% better cost savings than other asset solutions.


Lower insurance premiums as a result of greater security and asset longevity.

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