Automated Meter Readers

Bill Your Clients According to Consumption – Only Pay for the Energy You Use

Monitor and Control Energy Usage. Efficient and Cost-effective Environmentally Friendly.

How an Automated Meter Reader Can Benefit Your Business

Monitoring the gas, electricity and water consumption of your business identifies wastage and provides excellent cost savings. Smarter Technologies Group’s Automated Meter Readers (AMRs), connected to the Orion Data Network, monitor your energy usage and give you accurate insight into exactly how much you’re using, eradicating the necessity for estimated bills and giving you control over your energy expenditure.

This reduces cost and waste and is a perfect solution for any environmentally conscious business. With the Orion Data Network consumption is measured remotely, in real time, and SIM free, so they are more efficient and cost-effective and you don’t have to waste time or experience a drop in productivity to measure fuel consumption manually.

With accurate real-time date delivered to your phone, email or other mobile device you can directly monitor your energy use and look at innovative ways of reducing consumption. Installation is quick and there will be no disruption to your energy supply.

Orion & Automated Meter Readers

The Orion tags, which Smarter Technologies Group deploys into wireless meter readers all over the UK, are slightly different in application from regular tags because they gather real time data from the meter. When a company vehicle drives into the area using a 3G Orion gateway it creates a ‘bubble of coverage’ prompting the tags to deploy their latest reading. This removes the requirements for physical sites visits, eliminates data shortfall, reduces commercial costs and means there is no disruption to your business.

The Business Case for Utility Companies

The following areas should be considered in a business case for automated meter reading:

Reduces the time between accurate energy readings enabling you to settle disputed bills more quickly, reducing escalation and promoting better customer service.

Reduces the need for re-billing and associated costs.

Flexible reading schedules enable faster summary billing for users with multiple accounts.

High automation and monthly billing cycles increase cash flow throughout the business.

Improves Customer Experience and Decreases Complaints and Call Centre time.

Reviewing your business processes to determine if AMRs are right for your utility company enables you to examine and maximise other processes too.

The automated AMR system helps to prevent waste, leakage and theft.

Customers can be incentivised to use energy at low usage times in order to be more efficient and environmentally conscious. provides a vastly improved customer experience



Efficient, accurate energy monitoring


Controlled energy consumption


Reduces waste and leakage and prevents theft


Cost-effective solution that saves energy and reduces budget


Reduce your carbon footprint


Enhanced customer experience


Enables greater automation


Simplifies billing

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