Livestock Tracking System

Secure and protect your livestock from theft, injury, natural disaster, disease, loose dogs and organised crime and benefit from insurance discounts and the potential for DEFRA funding.

NFC Group works with farmers to create off the shelf and bespoke farm and livestock security and asset tracking monitoring and recovery solutions. Our Orion Data Network system feeds back real-time data on the health and security of your livestock and other valuable assets. This critical data benefits your farm by allowing you to protect and secure your rural business and home, raise productivity, automate to help combat labour shortages and attracting young farming talent through the use of modern technology.

Combating Risks to Farm Livestock

Monitor, Track, Secure and Recover

Rural crime currently costs UK farmers £39.2 million per annum. Even more worrying, the recovery rate for stolen assets and livestock in the Agricultural industry is one of the lowest at just 9%.

NFC Group creates farm asset monitoring, tracking, security and recovery solutions with Radio Frequency Identification, GPS and IoT technologies and real-time data feedback over our own Orion Data Network, which protect your farm land, livestock buildings and rural home from criminals, natural disasters and disease.

Beacon Mode for Precise, Fast Recovery

With Orion you can monitor the location and status of your assets 24/7 for security, predictive maintenance and increased productivity while reducing the reliance on manual labour. You can also secure your farm perimeter, individual fields, storage, outbuildings and farm house. If any equipment or livestock are stolen, you can utilise our hand-held RFID readers switched to beacon mode, to track the asset’s or livestock’s exact location, for faster recovery, increasing the opportunity to arrest and convict the perpetrators. All of our security and tracking solutions also act as a deterrent and preventative measure against damage and loss as well as a means of tracking and monitoring your assets.

Faster Response & Prevention of Livestock Disease

Livestock disease is very often curable if detected early, but of course herd animals rarely show outward signs of sickness until it is too late, they are seriously ill and have put the entire herd in danger. There are around 9.8 million cattle and calves in the UK and thousands are slaughtered each year because they contract diseases, the spread of which would have been easily preventable, if only they had been evident.

Each year approximately 41k cattle are killed just due to tuberculosis. These diseases can be spotted at the earliest stage with NFC Group’s ActiveHerd™ bolus tracking solutions, which monitor your cattle’s temperature, enabling you to quarantine the cows that are sick so the rest of the herd is protected.

How Do ActiveHerd Boluses Work?

The ActiveHerd bolus implants are made from medical grade plastic and shaped like bullets for aerodynamic purposes and easy ingestion, so they can be quickly and easily positioned into the rumen of your cattle with a bolus gun. ActiveHerd monitors the temperature of each individual member of your herd, 24/7 taking into account normal temperature fluctuations such as when eating or drinking, moving around or sleeping. This data is transmitted to the herd manager instantly via NFC group’s high speed, cloud-based Orion Data Network. If a cow’s temperature moves outside of the normal set parameters then the system sends an immediate alert to the farmer, cow herd manager or other farm hand responsible for them so they can take immediate action to remove the risk, treat the sick animal and solve the issue before disease spreads.

Livestock tracking system
Better Decision-Making

The near real-time data you receive over Orion allows you to make better informed decisions so you can meet your daily live weight gain targets, track cow health and behaviour during illness, calving or lactation period and determine the quality of your livestock’s feed and water.

Lower Mortality Rates

Farmers can benefit from healthier livestock without the need to depend on harmful antibiotics, faster diagnosis in the event of illness and lower mortality rates as a result of being able to identify issues and react faster. You can also make sure all your Orion livestock data is available to your vet, at all times, so they have a clear picture of the health of your whole herd and get respond faster in an emergency.


Our temperature sensor solutions are critical to ensure the health and safety of poultry, Chicks, which are susceptible to pneumonia when it is too cold and dehydration at the other end of the scale can be carefully monitored to help prevent and react in the event of disease or the need for rehydration. When Orion detects a temperature change outside the precise parameters required to keep the chicks secure and healthy the system will instantly alert you so you can take immediate action to resume the correct temperature and ensure their optimal health.

Livestock GPS Tracking

If you want to track the behaviour of your cows, be aware of their location 24/7 or optimise your grazing patterns you can benefit from an Orion collar, ear tag or other similar location tracking hardware with in-built GPS and geofencing capabilities. This equipment also allows you to determine where a lost or stolen cow is and track them with a hand-held RFID reader in beacon mode for fast recovery.

Water Quality Sensors

Blue-green algae is a major factor in toxifying and reducing drinking water quality and causing livestock diseases and also illness in wildlife, pets and working animals. NFC Group can create a bespoke water quality solution for your farm with IoT sensors that determine the quality of the water that our animals are drinking. If there is a change in quality the system will alert you immediately, so you can rectify the situation before your animals are exposed to harmful toxins and get ill.

Smoke, Fire & Flood Detection

Organised crime has been on the rise again in recent years and arson costs farmers in the region of £50million per annum in the UK. We design state of the art switch tags and IoT enabled smoke and fire alarms that will alert you to smoke and fire and can detect a flood in real time so you can respond instantaneously to arson or a natural disaster, to protect the security of all your farm assets from livestock to buildings, farm hands and crops.

Farm Hand Security

Farm hands working with livestock in remote parts of the countryside are at risk from accident, injury and potential attack from livestock and criminals. NFC Group has a wide range of SOS, man down and panic devices with optional 2-way communication capabilities, which protect your workers and the livestock they are handling.

Benefit from Lower Insurance Rates

As an NFC Group client, you may eligible to benefit from lower insurance premiums when you utilise our livestock and farm security and tracking solutions. We have teamed up with insurance brokers Scrutton Bland and Markel to offer farms using NFC solutions a 10% discount on their annual insurance premiums. For an average farm the amount you save on your premiums will actually cover the cost of your NFC Orion solution, so you can get a state o the art tracking and security system at no additional cost.



Farms that use NFC Group Tracking and Security solutions could be eligible for DEFRA funding to cover the cost of the equipment


Benefit from up to 75% better cost savings and a faster ROI than with other comparable tracking and security systems on the market


Take advantage of our 10% off annual insurance premiums offer with Scrutton Bland and Markel insurance brokers


Protect your livestock, farm buildings, crops, home and land from natural disasters accidents and organised crime with Orion security and tracking solutions


Use higher levels of automation for your farm operations for increased productivity, freeing up labour for other tasks and attracting top talent with the latest technology


Respond faster in an emergency to save the life of livestock and personnel

If you want to track and monitor your farm assets and livestock to ensure their protection and safety then contact NFC Group and talk to an expert today.

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