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Hospitality Industry Asset Tracking & Security to Improve Operations and Customer Satisfaction.

How would your Hotel benefit from a comprehensive asset tracking and enhanced asset security system that improves your customer experience and your relationships with owners, financial institutions and institutional investors? With Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions you can give your entire management team full visibility of your Hotel and Resort assets across multiple departments and locations, preventing theft, loss and damage and saving you money on maintenance and replacements. Streamlined operations mean happier customers, giving you a valuable advantage in today’s highly competitive Hospitality market.


Asset Tracking & Security Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

Today’s business and leisure travellers have a seemingly limitless choice of venues from hotels, motels and resorts to bed & breakfasts and serviced apartments, as well as the increasingly popular air bnb. Never has customer experience been so important as a competitive differentiator. The best way to ensure your guests have a great stay is to streamline your key operations and ensure that they have easy access to all the resources and amenities they require, at all times.

With numerous departments including administration, accounting, housekeeping, engineering, grounds, dining and leisure activities, gym, spa and conference centres all having access to their own and often one another’s assets, the logistics of tracking, monitoring and recovering Hospitality assets can be very complex. Risk of damage, theft and loss is also high and can be extremely costly if you don’t take preventative measures. Ensuring asset longevity and empowering staff to be responsible and accountable for the equipment they use, is key to saving time and money and ensuring great customer experience. Hospitality businesses using innovative technology to gain accurate and timely data to improve the performance of their assets are securing long-term customer loyalty and taking the lead in the market place. Smarter Technologies Groups Orion Data Network asset tracking, security and recovery system for the Hospitality industry is the most efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution available.


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What is the Orion Data Network?

Smarter Technologies Group’s unique Orion technology, consists of state of the art gateways and tags, to provide Hospitality businesses with 24/7 visibility of all your supply chain assets, key personnel and suppliers, to assist with auditing, health & safety awareness and the security and protection of individual workers. It also enables you to optimise the management and security of essential processes and operations such as cold storage, fire alarms, sensors, door lock systems and CCTV security cameras. The result is smoother internal and external operations and a heightened customer experience that promotes loyalty and return visits.

The Orion Gateway operates on a low-frequency radio signal and plugs into an ethernet port to control your key access points. You can monitor assets at even the most remote indoor and outdoor areas of your Hospitality business with Orion’s long-range monitoring from 500m to 10km radius of each Gateway. We deploy GPS tags for real time tracking of your equipment, art work, vehicles and staff; non-GPS tags for tamper alerts to prevent damage and theft; and switch tags for your Hotel smoke detectors and fire systems. Orion’s special directional antennae give you unprecedented targeted localisation. The system has unlimited scalability so you can gain visibility over just one room, one venue or a whole global chain of Hotels. The Orion Data Network sends instant alerts and multi-format reports by email, text or pager so you can see your assets no matter where you are, on site or from anywhere in the world.


To discover the Orion Data Network’s full range of features and its benefits to hospitality businesses visit this page.


Asset Tracking & Security Benefits for the Hotel Industry


Fire Doors

Customers often inadvertently leave Fire Doors open when they exit to, for example, have a cigarette or access the grounds. Orion gives you peace of mind and security with instant alerts whenever a fire door or any other door is open.


High Security Areas

For areas that require increased security such as cash offices and safe doors Orion’s movement and impact detectors protect your high value assets, cash and customers’ possessions. We also install panic buttons for all till points and for lone workers on night time reception and porter duties. Similarly, maintenance managers can have a panic button installed in case of accident or emergency.


Disabled Refuge System

It’s essential that your disabled refuge system is safe for mobility impaired guests on a daily basis and in emergencies. Orion negates the need for hard wiring, instead using RF technology for the chord systems.


Smart CCTV

Smarter Technologies Group’s innovative CCTV systems can be integrated with your current CCTV equipment (subject to survey). The cameras can be set up to highlight and alert at the exact point when an incident has occurred to save time and resources trawling through extraneous CCTV footage.


Temperature Gauge

The Orion Data Network system can be used to monitor the temperature of commercial Hospitality Industry catering appliances to ensure that you meet Health & Safety Regulations. For example you’ll be sent real time alerts if the doors are left open for prolonged periods or the unit it turned off unintentionally. In addition to creating a safer environment for your guests Orion also reduces costs, increases your cold storage efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint.

The Orion Data Network Hospitality solutions provide comprehensive, real-time security, logistics and auditing, enabling you to run your venue more efficiently for an elevated customer experience that sets you apart from the competition.



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