Ensuring Effective Delivery of Aid & Relief During War & Natural Disasters and Monitoring, Tracking and Recovering Assets for the Armed Forces.

To maximise efficiency, the armed forces need to seamlessly link people, vehicles, equipment, weaponry, canine units, vessels and medical supplies, even in the most remote locations and often outside of cellular range. Smarter Technologies Group creates cutting-edge, fully customised, military grade asset management technology and hardware to help these government orgnisations achieve better levels of productivity, efficiency, safety and accountability.

Humanitarian Aid and Relief Work

War Zones & Natural Disasters

During and in the immediate aftermath of a war or a natural disaster, the basic infrastructure of the area hit is often destroyed, making it extremely difficult to deliver instructions and essential supplies such as food, water and medicine to the survivors.

Air-Drop Challenges

The most effective means is via an air-drop, but this also poses certain challenges. In a war zone it can be difficult to determine where the lines are between areas of combat and safe zones.

If the supplies are air-dropped into the wrong area then vital supplies ad lives are lost. In a natural disaster it can be similarly hard to find an area to drop on which the supplies won’t be destroyed by for example, fire or flooding.

Another major concern is finding an area in which the disaster victims or refugees can access the aid, but that is also sufficiently clear so that bulky air-drops will not fall in densely populated areas and injure or kill people.

The supplies dropped also need to be appropriately distributed to avoid disputes over ownership and prevent bandits from hi-jacking the recipients and stealing the cargo.

Orion Data Network & Skylife Solution

Real-time Data Feedback Saves Lives

Humanitarian groups and the military making such drops require real-time information on safe areas, where previous drops have taken place, who took possession of the drop and how successful it was, in order to determine where the next drop should be made.

Monitoring and Tracking

New Forest Communications and SkyLIFE Technology have partnered to create a revolutionary patented solution comprising light, aerodynamic, easily distributed, air relief packages that the military and aid groups can track and monitor over the Orion Data Network. Each relief package contains a pre-programmable audio card and tracking capabilities including instructions, in the local language of the refugees and survivors, on how to use the supplies and take other appropriate action.

Rebuilding Communities

The data fed back over Orion allows the Military and Relief workers to track the parcels both from the air and from central command headquarters to monitor the landing pattern, delivery and usage of the supplies. This cutting-edge, cost-effective and easy to deploy solution can also be used once a rebuilding program commences when war ends or after the immediate effects of the natural disaster have been assuaged.

Evidence of Positive Government Action

A secondary benefit of the Orion powered SkyLIFE aid packs is the fact that they provide visible evidence demonstrating that the government is taking immediate and effective, positive action to protect communities at a time when the media is focused predominantly on the negative impact of the disaster rather than positive aspects of humanitarian relief. The solutions also allow the government of the impacted country to limit the numbers of foreign military and humanitarian aid workers entering their country at a time when they most want to protect their sovereignty.

Features & Benefits of the Orion SkyLIFE Solution

Delivers trackable aid packages and instructions within hours of a disaster

Operates independently of local infrastructure such as ports or landing strips

Enables aerial dispersal of life-saving supplies over broad geographical areas, reducing hoarding, corruption and eliminating the need for masses of people to congregate in one area where they could become targets or put themselves at further risk

Eliminates force protection (security) and logistics footprint in affected areas

Overcomes impassable terrain, political constraints, and banditry

All solution components take into account environmental considerations and are designed to be repurposed

The Orion Data Network tracked packages show the effectiveness of each airdrop and help directing additional supplies to the correct location

Orion allows for rapid establishment of a secure camp site that allows you to track, monitor and secure vital supplies and personnel such as doctors, the military, and aid workers

About Smarter Technologies Group & SkyLIFE


Smarter Technologies Group have been designing and building specialist wireless communications equipment for over a decade. During that time, we have worked alongside governments, cities, and organisations around the world. Our clients include many household names and blue chip companies. Our privately owned Orion Data Network, is a first to market security data network, utilising RFID, GPD and IoT technology and supporting highly cost-effective and scalable applications, designed to protect valuable assets and save lives while reducing ongoing costs and carbon footprint.

Skylife Technology is a Private US based company formed by a highly skilled, immensely dedicated and truly innovative group of people who have completely transformed the way the Military and NGOs can provide safe and immediate disaster relief from the air during the first critical weeks of humanitarian support.

deployment tracking system

Royal Army

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the cornerstones of success in the British Army. The most effective way to streamline the Army’s supply chain and internal processes and operations, and save time and money, is to utilise a highly automated, real-time asset tracking and maintenance solution that gives the armed forces 360 degree visibility and control.

Smarter TechnologiesOrion Data Network covert and overt solutions for the Army track, monitor and recover assets from supply chain to field deployment. Orion makes manual processes and legacy technology redundant for maximum efficiency and optimal asset lifecycle. These solutions can be used to manage assets such as weaponry, utilities, vehicles, generators, equipment like parachutes throughout their operational lifecycle, uniforms and canine units and streamline supply chain and inventory management. Similarly, Orion security solutions can be utilised to protect buildings, site perimeters VIP visitors, lone workers and personnel.

Royal Air Force

Smarter Technologies Group creates combined Orion, RFID, GPS and IoT solutions to assist the RAF with airbase asset and supply chain management, onsite operational efficiency, security, aircraft maintenance and service maintenance and utilisation.

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, one of the critical considerations for the Air Force is how fast they can turn around the required components from the manufacturer and what spare parts they need to maximise their assets and ensure optimal air time. There can be a lot of variation between estimated and actual usage, making it difficult to streamline maintenance operations.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions gives the RAF visibility and granular insight into the aircraft supply chain to enable better asset management, with higher levels of automation, including inventory, maintenance, retirement and repurchase.

Beyond the maintenance of aircraft, as the RAF has such a wide range of assets, Smarter Technologies creates a broad range of fully customised tags and sensors that provide data insights on factors such as location, temperature, movement, air quality and moisture levels amongst others, as required.

Royal Navy

Smarter Technologies Group works in collaboration with the Navy to facilitate global warehouse, vessel, vehicle, shipping container and cargo asset tracking, monitoring and recovery. The system enables automated checking in and out of equipment and cargo, predictive maintenance scheduling, and automatic calculation of asset depreciation, retirement and replacement.

Real time data can be collected over the Orion network using satellite communication so it is available even when Naval vessels are out at sea.

Eliminating the need for manual container and cargo inventory frees up personnel to carry out more mission critical tasks, boosting Naval productivity, saving millions in labour costs and removing the discomfort of taking inventory in enclosed spaces and the risk of human error.



Improved asset tracking for the armed forces


Reduced manual asset management procedures and increased automation


Higher labour productivity


Faster and more accurate acceptance and receipt of assets throughout the military supply chain


Ensuring units are equipped for training and operations


Faster and more streamlined emergency response


Enhanced safety and security of assets and personnel


Streamlines delivery of relief and aid during natural disasters and wars


Promotes responsibility and accountability for all assets to avoid negative impact on defence budget


Enhances maritime Identification, vessel tracking and port authority communication


High levels of integration with existing systems logistics environments


Reduces costs by up to 75% more than other asset solutions and delivers a fast Return on Investment


Prevents hijacking, theft and accidental damage and loss of military assets.

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