Asset Surveillance

Asset surveillance can range from overt audit and surveillance of key assets in the field for operational, inventory and maintenance purposes, to covert strategies to gain intelligence, conduct a sting operation and catch thieves in the act.


Asset Audit

If some of your assets are located in remote or potentially dangerous areas, or you have assets positioned globally and want better visibility, then a remote asset audit via surveillance may be the right solution for you.

There are several points in your supply chain where your assets may not be available to you. They could be in a third-party Warehouse, trackside or in an area that is potentially dangerous to access, like a dockside. By conducting your asset audit remotely using Smarter Technologies Group’s surveillance technology, you can ensure you meet health & safety requirements, gain full visibility over your assets throughout the entire supply chain and predict your maintenance schedules.

Covert surveillance is carried out in a number of different verticals, to combat both internal and external threats. For example, we have clients who use our surveillance equipment to secure ATMs in order to gain intelligence on unauthorised user behaviour and target specific gangs and others who use surveillance to give them total visibility and security for high value retail operations. In large warehouses, where staff turnover can be high and various recruitment channels are used, it is easy to unknowingly employ organised crime gang members. When a client’s warehouse and distribution organisation has been targeted, the threat has usually originated from an internal security breach by a member of staff. A typical example would be the reverse logistics chain whereby the losses or shrinkage occur when the packages are sent out for a delivery that fails. This package may well make it back to the local hub but then may never make it back to the regional or national distribution centre. In our experience, with regard to retail crime, around 66% occurs from people within the organisation and the remaining third from external sources.


Surveillance Strategies


Camera Patrol

Be instantly alerted when an intruder enters your site or an unauthorised or accidental event or incident occurs.


Live Incident Detection

Live surveillance to prevent theft, protect lone workers, ensure high productivity, detect or prevent violence in a crowded space r conduct a visual search of an area.


Image Comparison

Equipment to compare images and photo identification to ensure authorised access only.


Perimeter Security

To secure the whole areas surrounding your site and all entry and exit points.


Remote Escort Surveillance

Escorting workers, tourists or VIPs through known crime areas. Picture comparison: Verification of the identity of personnel requiring access to areas.


Intensive High-Risk Surveillance

In high risk areas or during high risk activities such as Cash in Transit, the highest level of security and surveillance is required. For these situations, we can build a bespoke end-to-end solution for you to secure your key personnel and assets.


Regulatory Compliance

In highly regulated industries such as Oil & Gas. Diamond Mining and Gambling, we use surveillance to ensure employees are adhering to the legal requirements.


Expert Surveillance Analysis

When you have use dour equipment to capture unauthorised activity our experts can help you to respond to the incident and liaise with the police in real-time, or where the intelligence is recorded, we will help you analyse it for police intelligence and evidence.


Targeted Surveillance

When you already have sufficient intelligence to suspect a specific group or individual or know that a particular area is vulnerable and frequently under attack, we can help you create a focused surveillance strategy driven by this information and individual and situation profiling.


Sting Operations

Our experts build surveillance solutions that are specifically designed to catch thieves in the act.



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