Orion Drive Guard

Your car is at risk today simply being sat on your drive. Modern attack methods render existing integrated security solutions useless because the car is not being broken into. Rather the car is being compromised – it does not realise its being stolen, so there is no alarm. By the time you wake in the morning and find that the car is gone, it has been moved miles away and had all the tracking features disabled.

Orion tags

The antidote is a simple battery powered device called an Orion tag. Place the tag in the car and connection its gateway to your home broad band. Enter your mobile number into the online system with your unique username and password and activate the schedule. Now, whenever the car moves between midnight and five am (configurable) your phone will receive an alert via SMS and email. Catching thieves in the act is the best way to put an end to their activities.

Real time tracking system

Orion Drive Guard can be set up in minutes and there is a 24/7 support line. Two levels of service are available, either self-managed or via a 24/7 monitoring centre.


Self-managed, gateway and tag.


plus £25 per year.

24/7 monitoring, gateway and tag.


plus £125 per year.

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Additional tags for other cars are £99 each.


Tag batteries last five years.


Support is available during UK office hours for all users to help with any installation and configuration.


As a premium service a technician can be called to do the set up process.

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