D360 – Dog Tracking Collar

D360 Dog Tracking Collar to track the location and measure the temperature of Dogs in the Military, Police Force and Private Security Industry to ensure their safety in the field and in training.

dog tracking collar

Working Dogs are an invaluable high-value asset to the Military and Police Forces. However, they are also so much more than a brave deterrent, detector and sub-lethal force; they are also much respected and appreciated members of your team. It therefore makes sense to track and monitor them for their safety, health and recovery in the event of injury or loss. To this end, Smarter Technologies Group has created the D360 Dog Tracking Collar the best, most comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective tracking device to protect your canine team and ensure their safety in the line of duty.

Dogs in Service

In the Military, dogs are an extremely valuable asset carrying out often dangerous tasks, which require skills that are only attributable to canines. They support a variety of crucial activities such as detecting improvised explosives, searching buildings, vehicles and outdoor locations, crowd management in counter-insurgency operations, building, camp and personal security and protecting key installations and equipment. Military Working Dogs have served the British Army in every major national and international conflict since World War I, including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. In the Police Force K9 Dogs are help to search for missing persons, criminals, weapons and other evidence; assist when there is an assault with a weapon or an attempted murder; diffuse incidents involving dangerous dogs; ensure the safety of VIPs and Royals and detect firearms, bombs, illegal drugs, blood and human remains.

At Smarter Technologies Group, we understand that these dogs are not just valuable because of the work that they do and the expense in training them, they are also valued members of the Military and Police Force that are loved and respected by their human counterparts and trainers. For these reasons, it’s important to be able to track, monitor and recover them both in training and in the line of duty, in the same way you would track any other valuable and important asset or personnel.

What is the D360 Dog Tracking Collar?

Smarter Technologies Group has created the custom-made D360 Tracking Collar for Military Dogs, Police Dogs and other working dogs. There are many simple dog tracking collars on the market, but the D360 offers unprecedented accuracy and is cost effective, reliable and durable. The D360 Dog Tracking Collar out-performs other Dog tracking collars because it reports data such as location and temperature back to the handler and HQ in near real-time, every 30 seconds. The tracking collar also uses a single AA battery and does not require SIM, GPS or GSM or any associated and costly ongoing subscriptions.

Smarter Technologies Group has designed the tracking collar specifically to suit canine behaviour, so it is bite-proof, water and drool-proof, rugged and durable and weighs only 28grams (plus the weight of your choice of lighweight collar).

The D360 connects to Smarter Technologies Groups’ award-winning Orion Data Network which is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly; highly accurate even over long distances and can be used in even the most remote and antagonistic environments.

NFC Group Dog Tracking Collar
NFC Group Dog Tracking Collar

Applications for the D360 Dog Tracking Collar

Protection Dogs

In both the Military and Police Force, Protection dogs provide a highly effective visual deterrent and can also detect, chase and restrain suspects, criminals and intruders with sub-lethal force. They may be used as a static or patrolling sentry; as additional force during an ambush; for crowd control or as an escort for detainees. It’s important to be able to track these dogs and identify their location in an ambush or crowd or, if they are injured in the line of duty and seek shelter away from the immediate location of the operation or incident.

Vehicle Search and Drug Detection Dogs

Vehicle Search and Drug Detection Dogs work at entry and control points, airports, Military barracks and vehicle check points. They are deployed to search people and baggage and also vehicles such as cars, lorries, motorbikes, aircrafts, ships and containers for drugs, ammunition, firearms, explosives and illegal human passengers.

In the event of an emergency, such as if a vehicle driver absconds with the dog still aboard, a GPS tracking device will enable the K9 to be located and recovered.

Search Dogs

As these Dogs go ahead of their units to search routes, buildings and compounds to detect the presence of pressure plates, weapons and explosives, sometimes over fairly long distances or in built up areas where they cannot always be seen, a tracking device is useful for determining exactly where they are and the precise location of their findings.

Tracker Dogs

Tracker Dogs are capable of tracking missing and injured personnel, other missing persons, lost children, escaped prisoners and criminals and the property of these people, over a wide variety of terrains, both in daylight and at night. They can cover large distances and sometimes need to enter areas that handlers cannot easily access so it is extremely useful to be able to track the Dogs and be aware of their exact location 24/7 both to secure their safety and recover the missing persons when they find them.

Dog Health & Safety

All of these Dogs work extremely hard and often are so well-trained, focused and dedicated to their duties that they do not stop to rest even when they are exhausted or overheated. The D360 Dog Tracking Collar feeds back real-time data on the Dogs’ temperature so handlers can constantly monitor their condition. If their temperature starts to approach a critical level, the D360 will send an email and text alert to the handler so they can recall, collect or move the dog to a more temperate location to give them rest and water and secure their safety.

Training & De-Training

These working Dogs are trained to the highest level. During training, before they become highly functioning, focused Military and Police assets, they are often exuberant, boisterous puppies. Other dogs are simply not cut out to be in Service. At the end of their Service to their country these amazing Dogs go through a rigorous “de-training” programme to normalise them so they can retire into civilian life and relax and live in homes as human companions. In any training or de-training scenario, there is a risk that a dog may escape or abscond or simply run out of view during an exercise. Tracking is very useful during training and de-training to ensure the Dogs’ safety.

D360 Features

Monitors your Dogs’ location and temperature

Reports on battery life, tilt and shock

Feeds back data every 30 seconds

Uses a single AA battery

Reports over the Orion Data Network using licence free 433 MHZ frequency



Additional bite-proofing available – high tensile integrated braided steel with deadlock


Lightweight at 28 grams

Rugged and durable

Positions can be determined using RSSI and analogue scanners

Uses a fraction of the energy required by GPS or GSM devices

D360 Benefits


No expensive ongoing monthly subscriptions


Enables you to keep your Working Dogs safe, secure and healthy


Determine when Dogs are approaching overheating or over-exertion


Get an emergency alert if a dogs temperature is critical


Determine where your Dogs are at all times


Choose from several different types of collar


Locate Dogs that have been shot or injured and are in hiding in adherence to their training


Cost effective


Protect your canine assets as you would your high value equipment and key personnel


Use on training, de-training, exercises and in the field


Determine where your Dogs are at all times


Choose from several different types of collar

Orion Data Network for the D360 Dog Tracking Collar

Smarter Technologies Group are innovators in the global asset tracking market worldwide and offer a wide range of Orion devices with unlimited application and industry-proven Original Equipment Manufacturer products.


Designed and built in the U.K.


Quick cost-effective deployment globally


Reduce your carbon footprint

Orion Data Network benefits


Up to 75% more cost-effecitve than competitors’ GSM CDMA solutions


First to market end-to-end IoT Low Power RFID solution


Can be used even in the remotest locations and most difficult environments


Award-winning IoT System


Cutting edge connectivity platform with N+1 infrastructure


Fully managed turnkey solution


The supply chain and animal tracking network of choice for blue chip companies, SMEs, conservationists and the Military


Unlimited applications as almost any asset or application that requires real-time data feedback can join the network


Customisable to your specific asset tracking needs


Scalable and Flexible


Intelligent Orion tags learn their environment to enable unusual behaviour patterns to allow unusual behaviour to be recognised and enable you to take preventative action


Unparalleled user experience

Start tracking your assets

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