Trouble could be brewing for breweries, distilleries, and businesses in the hospitality sector. Keg losses can amount to millions of pounds for members of the hospitality industry. Across these industries, business owners are navigating the shockwaves caused by lockdown – and this makes securing profits incredibly important going forward. RFID keg tracking is one way to mitigate losses – with some extra benefits to counteract trouble brewing.


Trends Affecting Profitability

In the UK, a few different factors are affecting the profitability of the alcohol market. The closure of on-license premises not only affected sales (with millions of pints of beer going off in cellars hitting the headlines). It also affected consumption patterns. In the context of the pandemic, many consumers have exhibited a preference for non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, it has been reported that Generation Z’s tendency towards health consciousness means they drink less – something the alcohol industry needs to keep in mind for purposes of profitability.

Loss of Beer Barrels

Loss of beer barrels is a longstanding problem in the industry. With each barrel valued at approximately £75, these losses can amass to high-value capital costs for businesses. Theft is one cause of losses, with stolen kegs having a scrap metal value that is attractive to thieves. Near Belfast, for instance, police recovered stolen kegs to the value of nearly £1 million in 2019. Other losses can be attributed to mixed up collections by distributors and loss of identification tags (or wear and tear affecting visibility) to name a couple of examples.


NFC Group’s Keg tracking solutions transmit data from individually tagged containers, kegs, and beer gas cylinders for real-time tracking and monitoring. The technology reports on pre-programmed undesirable or unusual changes. This empowers rapid reactions to prevent theft and damage and assist with recoverability and immediate and long-term management. These data insights give you remote insights into the location, status, and condition of kegs and barrels at all times.


Full Supply Chain Overview

The often rough handling of kegs and barrels means they are easily damaged. In addition, throughout the supply chain, efficient, data-driven management stands to prevent theft or damage at every stage – from filling and distribution to inventory stacking, delivery, collections, and returns. This prevents losses, but also forms the foundation for optimal business decisions without the cost of time and resources involved in manual processes.

Predict Keg Maintenance and Purchase Schedules

These real-time data insights inspire airtight maintenance schedules and purchase decisions. Informed by metrics fed through RFID, eliminate wasted processes and manual monitoring – and ensure seamless supply chain operations.

Save Money

The average lifespan of a keg is 20-40 years. By reducing losses and using kegs to their maximum potential, you’re saving money. These savings go in hand with the increased profits that come from enhanced supply chain efficiency, automated processes, and optimised operations. With this in mind, RFID keg tracking solutions have the potential to make a notable impact on your bottom line.


NFC Group’s RFID keg tracking solutions are powered by the zero-trust Orion data network to securely transmit data on your kegs in real time. Contact NFC Group for customised solutions for your brewery or distillery today.