Cash in Transit

Tracking, monitoring and recovering Cash in Transit and Securing the Safety of Your Key Personnel

With cash still the number one payment method in the UK, businesses in the Banking, Retail and Gambling sectors require a real-time monitoring, tracking and recovery solution that protects and secures cash, high value assets and key personnel.

Increase in Cash-related Crime

As the world becomes increasingly digital, we might expect to see a decrease in cash usage and therefore also cash crime. However, for now, cash transactions are still the number one preferred payment method in the UK, and recently there has been a rise in Cash in Transit robberies and attempts at theft. Businesses in the Retail, Banking and Gambling sectors, in particular, use various methods of transporting cash from one site to another and this means the cash, associated assets and the personnel responsible for its safe delivery, are potentially at risk from criminal gangs.

Transporting Cash

If you’re transporting large quantities of cash frequently then you may have invested in an armoured van. Sometimes it’s necessary to transport smaller quantities of cash, for private clients, in a briefcase without the added protection of an expensive armoured vehicle. Cash in transit boxes, lightweight safes and smaller security boxes all add an initial layer of protection and make the cash less visible. However, they are not an absolute deterrent or preventative measure and they are of little use in recovering your assets if the worst happens and your personnel or third-party supplier are victims of a robbery.

When you’re transporting cash, you want absolute surety that all your assets, vehicles and personnel are protected at all times and that, in the event of an emergency, you can recover any lost assets and secure a conviction against the robbers.

Smarter Technologies Cash in Transit Solutions


The team at Smarter Technologies Group is highly experienced in creating high-tech monitoring, tracking, surveillance, close protection and recovery solutions for Cash in Transit. Our solutions combine cutting-edge Radio Frequency Identification, GPS, and non-GPS tags that can communicate with three different types of Gateway and send real-time pre-defined data feedback, over our privately-owned Orion Data Network. These include specially designed CashPacks, vehicle trackers, individual item trackers, personal trackers and man down and panic alarms.

Orion CIT Solutions


Smoke and Dye solutions have their uses, but also their limitations as criminal gangs have developed ways of combating the protection they offer. Pyrotechnics and tear gas solutions are also not very cost-effective and, if the thieves do manage to get away with your cash then they are not the most effective means of recovery, plus your cash is ruined by the dye they release.

Smarter Technologies Group’s new Orion CashPacks, are innovative and cost-effective, providing an unsurpassed, covert level of security that tracks your cash and associated assets and pinpoints the location of both your assets and the criminals who have targeted your business. The Orion CashPacks contain our patented tags, which transmit their own unique id number to the Orion gateways, while the Orion Data Network sends notifications, direct to your mobile device, about the location and status of your cash and assets. When your assets are on the move the tags report every 30 seconds and when stationary every 2 minutes. They also work in a social beacon mode which enables the police to locate your cash and the criminals with a hand-held RFID reader. They can be used with the smoke and dye packs or on their own depending on the security solution you require.

To find out more about our Orion Cashpacks visit the CashPacks page.

Protecting Key Personnel

If you’re staff are travelling with cash you of course want to ensure their safety as well as that of the cash and other assets. Similarly, the personnel that your third-party supplier employs are also at risk when on the move with large sums of money and also need to be protected. Smarter Technologies Group designs and creates small, covert personal tracking devices with long lasting battery capacity. They give you precise, real-time location data and provide the individual with 2-way communication and a panic button for emergency situations.

Vehicle Trackers

The Orion Data Network tracking solutions for vehicles can monitor the whereabouts and status of individual vehicles or a whole fleet. You can program the system to alert you instantly when the vehicle moves outside of pre-defined geofenced locations or you can view the vehicles’ progress on its journey in real-time. Orion can also send data on the best routes to take when there is high traffic or roadblocks or you want to take a more covert route.

Police Liaison

All of our employees are also experts in police liaison and can help you to locate your stolen cash and assets and provide the police with key evidence to secure an arrest and conviction.

Bespoke Solutions

You can choose from Smarter Technologies Group’s wide array of IoT enabled devices that track, monitor and recover your cash and assets across the Cash in Transit supply chain, or you can talk to one of our experts about designing a bespoke solution for your business.

If you would like to discuss your Cash in Transit requirements with an expert call us now on +44 (0) 1425 689681

Benefits of Orion Cash In Transit Solutions


IoT enabled solutions with RFID, GPS and non-GPS


Monitor, track, secure and recover your cash, assets and key personnel


Covert or overt systems for deterrence, prevention and recovery


Reports every 30 seconds in motion and every 2 minutes when still


CashPacks, vehicle tracking, panic alarms


Works in combination with smoke & dye packs to enhance your existing solutions


Specially designed bespoke CIT solutions


Expert police liaison for recovery, arrest, evidence and conviction

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