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State of the Art RFID, GPS and IoT solutions to maximise the Lifecycle of Council Assets

Do you want to reduce Council costs, create a better environment for your community and attract more visitors to your cities? Smarter Technologies Group creates smarter asset management and supply chain solutions that enable County Council’s to create smarter, more efficient and cost-effective services that residents and visitors love.

What is the Orion Data Network For County Councils?

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solution track, monitor, secure, report on and recover your valuable Council assets, so you optimise their value and vastly improve your sustainability, accountability and reputation management.

Our asset management solutions are made up of a combination of battery-powered wireless technology and state of the art Radio Frequency Identification, GPS, and Internet of Things connected sensors with real time data and reporting over our proprietary Orion Data Network.

Monitor Assets’ Environmental Conditions

The system of tags and gateways monitor a huge range of environmental and other conditions which you can pre-select depending on what has greatest priority on your Council agenda. For example, if efficient waste disposal is an issue in your area, we can install a connected system of smart bins that report back in real time on which bins are full and then calculate the most efficient collection routes. We can also track your most valuable assets to deter and prevent theft and enable fast recovery maximising your asset lifecycle and saving time and money.

Real-Time Data Feedback

When your Council assets remain in one position, data is sent over the Orion network every 2 minutes. However, when they are in motion either in transit or, in the case of for example, machinery, they are being operated, data is fed back every 15 seconds. In the event of any change in pre-determined factors such as temperature, level, movement, position, location, pressure or other measurable condition, Orion sends an emergency alert direct to your relevant Council teams by text, email or pager. You can also set pre-defined geo-fenced locations to get an alert if an asset moves outside of a specified “safe” area.

Worker, Public and VIP Safety

Smarter Technologies Group also creates lone worker panic, man down and SOS alarms and VIP protection and tracking devices for when you need to protect staff working in remote areas or visiting dignitaries, royals, diplomats and other vulnerable guests.

Asset Recovery

Our Council asset protection solutions also operate in active beacon mode with a specially designed, handheld RFID reader, which lets you know the precise location of lost or stolen assets and enables you to liaise effectively with local police to recover anything that is lost or stolen and help to secure arrest and conviction.

County Council Client Testimonials

“An effective and influential system we would not be without”

Glasgow Council

Better Waste Management With Orion

Effective, cost-effective waste management can be difficult as the amount and type of waste varies in different areas of the County at different times of the year. Without a proper system that notifies you when bins are full and need emptying or are still sufficiently empty to be left, you can incur unnecessary costs and waste precious man hours. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion solutions combat all of these problems for a smarter, more efficient and cost-effective waste system that enables predictive collection, keeps your streets cleaner and ensures your community is much happier.

Our solutions are also more sustainable and aesthetically appealing than others and help to reduce your carbon footprint. They can also be put to multiple use so that, for example, a bin situated in a shopping centre can be used to measure footfall or provide wifi.

real time tracking systems

Council Building and Site Asset Management With Orion

Orion solutions can be utilised to protect individual staff, visitors and other personnel within all your Council owned buildings. Each person can be tracked for additional personal security and to protect safe and sensitive areas and assets. Orion interacts and integrates with your existing security solutions such as your CCTV system. You can also track all of your assets and inventory across multiple sites enabling asset sharing and recovering mislaid assets easily by determining where they are located and who is responsible for them.

For University buildings that are Council-owned, Smarter Technologies Group creates asset management systems that create a smarter, more secure, safe and clean environment that gives your university an advantage over others, making it a better choice for the modern student.

For other publicly owned sites such as ports and marinas, our solutions can be used to track and monitor hazardous areas and materials; optimise personnel productivity, protect lone workers; protect assets such as containers, cargo, machinery, equipment, vessels and vehicles and maximise resources.

Environmentally Friendly, Cost effective & Smarter Cities

Smarter Technologies  Group can help you to make the move to a smarter city, step by step with innovative initiatives such as waste management, VIP and worker protection, smart street lighting, safer and more secure ATMs and Cash in Transit options, smart meters in council owned properties and smart fire and smoke alarms to not only make life easier but also save lives in an emergency.

Livestock and Farming

If you want to maximise the productivity of your Council-owned rural land and farms, Smarter Technologies group can help you to devise a smart grazing rotation system; main farmhouse, outhouse, crop, fuel and gate security system, covert and overt farm equipment protection devices and livestock health and location tracking systems for early disease detection and prevention.



Secure, track and monitor Council assets, personnel and the local community with real-time data, reporting and alerts


Measure changes such as location, temperature, movement, air quality, level, tampering, tilt and shock so you know the state of your assets


Reduce your carbon footprint with smarter waste disposal, lighting and heating solutions


Optimise your vehicle usage, street parking, routes and access control


Data feedback and reporting every 15 seconds in transit and every 2 minutes when stationary


Reduce crime rates and enable more arrest and convictions for stolen assets


SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) compliant


75% better cost savings than other asset tracking solutions in the current market


Turn your cities into smarter places to be with a better quality of life for residents and visitors

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