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Do you sometimes feel you’re ‘fighting a losing battle’ against threats from organised rural crime gangs, opportunists, unleashed dogs and cybercriminals? Smarter Technologies Group’s Smart Farm and Livestock Security Solutions allow you to monitor even the remotest parts of your farm, day and night, so you track, monitor and recover your livestock and assets, and find peace of mind.

Orion Data Network for Farms & Livestock

The Orion Data Network is an active Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) broadcasting system consisting of a central gateway and tags. The weatherproof tags are easily attached to your livestock, farm vehicles and gates and integrated into electric fencing units. The gateway is then plugged into your farmhouse providing an instant network of radial coverage of around 10km, giving you real-time alerts on the location and security of your farm assets, even in the most remote part of your farm. Orion is a high security network that is virtually impenetrable by hackers.

Orion’s main applications for Farm asset protection and security are:

Radio Geo Fencing with large area coverage for entire farm

Farm Intruder Alert

Motion Sensors and Alerts for farm gates, fences, doors & site assets with optional links to CCTV

Water and Food Level Monitoring

Fire Alerts and Fire Suppression

Orion enables you to gain a comprehensive view of and total control over your farm assets, who is visiting, where your workers are located and the health and security of your livestock.

In the event of loss or theft Orion helps to achieve fast recovery. It is cost effective and easily scalable for when your farm grows or you require increased visibility or security.

Discover the full range of features and benefits of Orion’s solutions for rural businesses and homes.

For insight into how ActiveHerdTM, our herd management Bolus solution for cows, works, click here.

Combating the Rise in Rural Crime

Rural Crime Surge

Rural crime was in decline from 2012-2014 because Farmers had invested in new technology following record thefts. However, now criminals have found ways to outsmart the old technology and we’ve seen a sharp increase in organised raids on quad bikes, tractors and telehandlers, while opportunists are stealing wire, fuel and even farm gates. Cattle rustling is also on the rise with cases of cybercriminals hacking into basic GPS systems to locate livestock and absconding with whole herds of sheep and cattle. In some cases thieves have even made off with the GPS system itself! It’s a sobering thought that arson alone cost rural insurers £50 million in 2016.

A Long-term High Tech Solution

Perhaps most worrying of all are reports that some of these attacks have come from within the rural farming community itself. It’s clear that, with insufficient support from the authorities, farmers need a more effective, long-term solution that protects their livestock, machinery, land and home. Smarter Technologies Orion Data Network Farm and Livestock Security Solution provides:

  • Wide area of coverage
  • Real-time data and alerts on the main farm site and in remote areas
  • Multiple data transfer methods
  • Knowledge of the location of each individual asset
  • Ability to recover stolen assets fast

Of course, all of these potential threats and incidents are also driving insurance premiums sky high, which is a further expense that cuts into your farm’s profit. In their most recent Rural Crime Report, National Farmers’ Union Mutual, advise that

“Criminals are taking advantage of new technology to commit crime, and we must embrace new technology to meet that challenge.”

Sheep Worrying

Although most rural dog owners are responsible, it only takes one who isn’t, or an unknowledgeable visitor from out of town who doesn’t leash their dog, and your farm could be the victim of sheep worrying. Some of the most severe recent cases have resulted in prize livestock having to be destroyed following injury, expensive and dangerous miscarriages, and herds of sheep becoming afraid of the farms’ own herding dogs.

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Smarter Technologies Group is partnering with Scrutton Bland and Markel insurance companies to offer discounted fees to farms and rural businesses who purchase Smarter Technologies Group’s asset tracking, monitoring, recovery and security solutions ActiveHerdTM boluses.

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Smarter Technologies Group are also working with Defra to help rural business owners secure their assets and livestock. When you purchase Smarter Technologies Group’s solutions for your rural business, you may be eligible for Defra funding to recover all or some of your investment costs.

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