S360 Smart One Asset Tracker

The most cost-effective and easy to install, mobile and stationary asset tracker and security solution in the market place.

Your powered and non-powered, mobile and stationary assets are vitally important to the success of your business, so you need to maximise their productivity and keep them secure.

Smarter Technologies Group’s S360 Smart One Asset Tracker is a low-cost, web-based tracking, monitoring, reporting and recovery system to give you 100% visibility over all your global assets 24/7, even in the most remote locations.

What is the S360 GPA Smart One Asset Tracker?

The S360 Smart One is a cost-effective, practical and intelligent solution for tracking swap bodies; intermediate bulk containers; portable construction equipment; rail wagons; non-powered and non-motorised assets; vehicles; and boats. The S360 enables you to easily determine your asset location and feeds back real-time data and reports on unauthorised movement, engine runtime and major faults.

The unit can be line-powered to operate on an external power source or, in the absence, interruption or failure of line-power, the Smart One automatically switches to it back-up battery mode to eliminate downtime. The Smart One utilises motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and custom-configured sensors to gather and transmit asset status information. Each unit can be specially configured and customised to track and report the exact information you need for each specific type of asset. It provides intermediate and emergency status alerts by email or text with VAR software integration and can send more than 2000 messages in total, amounting to around 2 messages per day over a period of 3+ years.

The Smart One is very easy to install with industrial adhesives, brackets or screw mounts and it does not require harnesses, external power or external antenna. It is powered by 4 readily available, off-the-shelf, AA 1.5V lithium batteries providing 2-4 years of battery life, meaning you don’t need to purchase expensive proprietary batteries to power the unit. Batteries can be replaced easily in the field.

Your asset information is gathered and transmitted by the Smart One’s motion sensors, comparative GPS positioning and custom-configured sensors. The S360 Container tracker communicates via Globalstar Simplex Data Services, GPS, and includes the ability to add up to two external sensors to deliver a “place and-track” solution that is easy on your budget and meets your mobile and stationary asset tracking and security needs.

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S360 Tracker Technical Specifications

Alarm Configuration: Independently configurable: negative, positive or any edge. Immediate message, GPS locate then message or engage interval override

Alarm Messaging: Location Change, Theft Recovery, Recenter, Reduced Messaging, Motion

Antennas (Internal): GPS Receiver

Battery Life (Up To): 2 years or 4 years

Battery Replacement: On-site / in the field

Battery Type: 2/4 OTS Lithium AA

Dimensions: 6.25″ x 3.25″ x 1″

Environmental: Water Resistant to IP67

Geo Fence: Report region match on location determination. Engage interval override on region match fail

Inputs: 2 Wired Input Sensors

Installation: Adhesive Kit, Harsh Conditions, Mounting Bracket

Integrated Motion Sensor: Message on start and stop on motion. Engage interval override on motion for time or motion duration

Interval Override: Alternate supervisory reporting schedule triggered by alarm or local event. Transmits GPS location on new interval for time or alarm duration

Motion Sensor: Yes

Operation Modes: Basic tracking, Single / Dual Frequency, Motion

Programming Software: Windows Based, Replace Battery

Programming Tool: USB Configuration Cable / PC, Accumulated Hours

Supervisory Position Reporting: Wake, GPS locate, transmit location, resume sleep. Up to 12 different reporting times.

Sleep Settings: Up to 12 programmable sleep intervals or time-of-wake settings

Weight: 9.7 oz

S360 Smart One Asset Tracking Benefits


Track, monitor, recover and report on your assets throughout the supply chain


Enhanced asset visibility for better supply chain and general asset management


Offers high level security to prevent asset theft, loss and damage


Cost effective and boosts asset utilisation and lifetime


Applicable to a huge range of industries and different types of asset


Customisable data feedback with information that enables you to make smarter, more informed business decisions


Enables Regulatory Compliance


Allows you to improve your customer experience and gain the advantage over your competitors

Start tracking your assets

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