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Asset Tracking, Monitoring, Recovery and Security Solutions to Help Achieve Product Quality, Regulatory Compliance and Operational Efficiencies in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Smarter Technologies Group’s solutions combine RFID and GPS tracking with interconnected IoT sensors and real-time data feedback to revolutionise the Pharmaceuticals industry, streamlining the drug supply chain, minimising waste, lowering production costs and maximising asset utilisation. Our solutions, underpinned by our privately-owned Orion Data Network, can provide benefits in every aspect from drug discovery and manufacturing to cold chain logistics and remote patient monitoring during clinical trials.

Challenges to Pharmaceutical Asset Optimisation

Operational Silos

Legacy Systems & Lack of Centralisation

Whilst automation is already utilised in the Pharmaceutical industry, batch manufacturing and legacy technology means that a lot of systems are not properly integrated and currently operate in silos with no centralised, live data feedback or control.

Orion Data Network Asset Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network feeds back real-time data on the status, location and condition of your high value assets. The solutions integrate easily with our existing equipment and systems and the dashboard is easily accessible by all authorised personnel. The result is a fully centralised Pharmaceutical asset management system that facilitates better business decisions as to maintenance, inventory and based on genuine business intelligence data.

Visibility & Speed to Market

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion RFID tracking and IoT sensor solutions provide your Pharmaceutical business with high levels of process automation and integrates with solutions such as automated vehicles and other robotics and AI to give you excellent visibility and speed to market so you can improve your bottom line.

asset tracking solutions

Storage and Cold Chain Logistics

Preventing Product Degradation

A high proportion of drugs are sensitive to the rise and fall in temperatures throughout the global supply chain. They need to be maintained at a consistent and sometimes very specific temperature to prevent degradation and expensive reputation damaging product recalls.

IoT Temperature Sensors for Warehouse, Transit & Manufacturing

Smarter Technologies Group creates tags with temperature sensors that can be attached to shipping containers, pallets, refrigerators and other warehouse storage units, to constantly monitor the temperature of the drugs and send you an instant alert to your mobile device if the temperature changes in any way. They can also be fitted with auto start and shutdown mechanisms allowing remote temperature control and management.

These temperature solutions are also applicable during the manufacturing process for drug components that require particular temperatures, to maintain their integrity. In this case we can attach the RFID tags and sensor to the manufacturing equipment

Warehouse Visibility & Control

Disproportionate Budget Expenditure

If like most pharmaceutical companies you manage your warehouse operations in-house, you need a secure and efficient system for auditing your equipment, drug and components inventory to ensure you maintain a proper supply in the most cost-effective way. Recent reports show that Warehouse operations account for 95% of pharmaceutical company logistics budgets, which shows that this area is not being optimised.

Automated Inventory Audit & Repurchasing

At Smarter Technologies Group we help you to create a smarter warehouse environment using our system of RFID, GPS and non-GPS tags, IoT sensors, gateways and real time data over the Orion Data Network. Each asset has a unique tag identification number and it transmits critical pre-defined data about your pharmaceutical asset, so you know exactly how many items you have in stock, where they are located and the condition they are in. Orion brings anomalies to your attention and you can use this business intelligence to create predictive automatic reordering schedules, so you don’t run low on crucial stock.

warehouse tracking system
Beacon Mode for Hand-held Product Recovery

If an item is misplaced or stolen, Orion has a beacon mode and you can use one of our hand-held RFID readers to pinpoint your pharma assets exact location.

Instant Geofencing Alerts

Geofeoncing capabilities allow you to set strict location parameters so that if your assets move outside of the areas defined you get an instant alert.

No Line of Sight for Recovery

RFID does not require line of sight for tracking like GPS and is therefore a much better solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Anti-Counterfeiting in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Counterfeit drugs out patients’ lives at risk and cause headline making reputational damage to pharmaceutical companies.

Our Orion smart packaging and container tracking solutions help you to track, monitor, secure and recover your pharmaceutical assets and verify authenticity at every stage from manufacture to dispensing to patients, to prevent counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain.



RFID, GPS and IoT technology combined with the power of the Orion Data Network for pre-packaged and customisable end to end Pharmaceutical asset solutions


Track environmental conditions in real time to maintain pharmaceutical component and end product integrity


75% better cost savings than comparable pharmaceutical asset solutions


Real-time data on inventory from warehouse to distribution, and everything in between


Lower insurance premiums


Smart serialisation and identification to prevent drug counterfeiting

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