HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) tracking and logistics is emerging as one of NFC Group’s largest markets. The increasing requirement for global security, and the requirement to meet stringent EU HAZMAT laws has encouraged this sector to rethink its approach to tracking and monitoring in real time. Because HAZMAT disposal is expensive there has been a marked increase in cases of irresponsible third parties illegally dumping HAZMAT at unauthorised locations. NFC Group has devised a cost-effective long term HAZMAT solution that empowers our customers with real time analytics, both on and off site.

HAZMAT Tracking

NFC Group’s Orion network puts you in complete control of your HAMAT anywhere in the world whilst offering cost-effective HAZMAT visibility and key data analytics. Orions active RFID tags work by relaying detailed information back to the customer every 30 seconds whilst in motion, or every 2 minutes whilst stationary. Each Orion tag relays: Time, temperature, tamper, movement alerts, speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports and relative signal strength indication (RSSI). Depending on which battery is selected to power the tags, they will remain operational for up to 5 years reporting in on a 30 second cycle with a D cell battery. For a comprehensive insight into how Orion security and logistics can help your business benefit from the Orion network, please contact the office to speak with an industry expert.

HAZMAT Tracking – Benefits

  • Independent verification – Know when and where your HAZMAT has arrived point of disposal.
  • Real-time HAZMAT tracking and visibility.
  • Real time cost effective tracking & recovery in the event of loss of HAMAT.
  • Fully backed recovery service offered by a world renowned security company.
  • Detailed information reports every 30 seconds in motion or 2 minutes when stationary.
  • No SIM cards or ongoing monthly contracts.
  • Beacon mode enables assets to be found outside of Orion coverage anywhere in the world.
  • Small physically active tag size – from AAA to D cell.
  • Tags have multiple inputs for bespoke customisation if required.
  • Adaptable technology – Orion can be integrated over an API to any server of your choice.
  • 256 bit encrypted network. We take security very seriously.
  • Simple plug and play hardware, no configuration required at customer site.
  • The worlds largest GPS hotspot network – all tags report over every gateway within range.