GPS Tool Tracker System

Why do you need a GPS tool tracker system? The theft of tools is a major problem all around the world, in the UK alone, the theft of tools is costing tradesman close to 100 million a year. The industry has been trying solve the tool tracking requirements by designing a tool tracking system small enough, and with enough battery life and low enough cost to warrant being deployed across the tools inventory in the field.

NFC have developed a specialist GPS tracking device for tools that can be integrated into the handle of almost any power tool, with a battery life of more than 18 months. The tracker reports back every 30 seconds when in motion, and every two minutes when stationary. It also allows you to set geofences and configurable alarms.

A truly remarkable, SIM free tool tracking device, NFC’s GPS tracker for tools has now been deployed into hundreds of sites around the UK.

Features and Benefits of the Orion Data Network Tool Tracking Device

  • Minimum of 18 months battery life
  • Real-time GPS tool tracking device
  • SIM free tracking technology
  • Low cost solution
  • Scalable and easily deployed
  • Sting operations for covert GPS tool tracking & surveillance
  • Global recovery network
  • Real-time asset audit
  • Reduce tool loss
  • Designed and built in the UK

How does the Orion Data Network help protect, track and secure my tools?

Award-winning home office and GPS tool tracking technology:

Our unique tracking system comprised of active RFID and tool tracker GPS tags which talk in real time back to our servers, then display data on a web front end, tablet or mobile phone. Tags can run on various battery sizes, depending on the size of the tool being tracked, and the battery life required. Battery sizes start and from penny cell with an approximate lifespan of 18 months. For slightly larger power tools, a D cell battery can be used which will remain active for more than 5 years reporting in real-time on a single charge.

How Orion Data Network works

If you would like to discuss the Orion Tracking System with an expert, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help and offer any advice you may need.

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