Asset Tracking RFID Tags Overview. 

Asset Tracking RFID Tags Overview. 

Is your business looking for a cost effective real time tracking solution for your assets? By using revolutionary asset tracking RFID tags, it’s is now possible. With combinations of active RFID, passive RFID and combined GPS, you can have the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost compared to GSM asset tracking solutions. 

NFC Group asset tracking RFID Tags are very small in size and accommodate thousands of applications ranging from factory asset tracking, to real time pallet tracking. Starting from a penny size active RF tag with optional GPA tag, these can be inserted into the grip of power tool, weapons, and other such small high value items. NFC have already provided solutions in these fields. Battery life is entirely dependant on usage, but our smallest tags last for a minimum of 18 months  reporting every 30 seconds while in motion and two minutes when stationary.

Example markets for asset Tracking RFID Tags.

Pallet tracking
Keg tracking
Indoor tracking             
Livestock security
Plant security
Factory assets 
High value asset tracking
Oil & gas security and site audit 
Construction site asset security

How does it work?

NFC have been deploying fixed gateways around the UK since 2011. This started with a security based project for South West Rail. We were approached after a dramatic increase in cable theft, by deploying these tiny tags, SWR gained eyes on visibility, real time notifications tracking in the event criminals starting trying to steal assets from the railway line – within just a few weeks of the system going live, arrests became so frequent that soon attempts at railways aset theft started to decline in large numbers. It soon became apparent, the market was was massive and NFC took on more and more large scale projects.

NFC Group Oil & Gas industry asset tracking

Each gateway deployed, creates a dome of real time coverage, depending on the environment, this can range from 500 meters up to several miles. Any Orion tag that comes into range of these gateways automatically starts sending sensor data for it’s given application – see Orion Form Factors for a comprehensive list. Even though the Orion Data Network runs a high level of encryption, all gawates and active RFID tags talk back to the server no matter who owns them, albeit only visible to the owner and NFC. With so many gateways now deployed in the UK and demand growing daily, the ever nearing prospect of a national network by the end of 2018 is becoming more and more of a reality. The  network is going from strength to strength and the seemingly replacing outdated, expensive, battery hungry GSM technologies seem inevitable.

If you would like to know more about the Orion Data Network, please feel to contact us, or use the menu bar to navigate to a page to find your chosen application.

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