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Supply Chain Tracking & Security

Supply chain tracking – Summary

Supply chain tracking has been deployed some some years. It is likely that almost all companies now benefit from reduced cost fleet telematics and supply chain visibility. However, there are remaining visibility concerns where assets being stored in the belly of a container, where both regular GSM and GPS tracking devices struggle to obtain a reliable fix. There are further concerns in the many areas where GSM coverage is unavailable. Such visibility black-spots are well known to those who prey on assets within the supply chain. that risk can now be all but eliminated because NFC group have created a specialist asset viability network offering near real-time asset visibility anywhere in the world.

Supply chain tracking – Solution supply chain tracking

Our supply chain solutions almost invariably employ tag-based technology to audit the location of any tagged item within the supply chain. This is achieved by talking to Orion gateways. The cost of the solution depends very largely on the type of tag used. For large scale infrastructure projects the tags tend to be in an IP67 (water proof / dust proof) case, with an external aerial and a year or more of battery power. They may or may not also have 3D motion sensors in order that they can report different types of activities to the gateways – parameters such as loading or unloading at a quayside. Retail type solutions tend to focus more closely on cheap disposable tags because the task of collecting the goods, sending to a depot, on to a regional supply centre and finally on to a store, takes only a matter of weeks. The job of the tag is to provide visibility within the supply chain at each point where the item is in-between existing stock systems (and thus particularly vulnerable). Sometimes called profit protection or waste management, the systems are typically aimed at minimising losses as much as auditing the location of product.

Supply chain tracking – Benefits

Real time visibility of assets within the supply chain.
Little to no SIM card requirement.
Tag reports – GPS Location, time, speed, shock, motion, tamper, G force, tilt, temperature & humidity.
No contracts or ongoing costs.
Beacon mode enables assets to be found outside of Orion coverage anywhere in the world.
Small physically active tag size  – from AAA to D cell.
Tags have multiple inputs for bespoke customisation if required.
Adaptable technology – Orion can be integrated over an API to to any server of your choice.
256 bit encrypted network, because we take security very seriously.
Simple plug and play hardware, therefore no configuration required at custom