Asset Tracking Applications

Privately owned Orion Data Network – Low power long range real-time asset tracking and security network being utilised the world over. Manage your global assets in real-time whilst reducing commercial costs by more than 75%. Dramatically increased supply chain productivity,  See how the Orion Network can benefit your business today.

Asset management

In today’s increasingly fast-paced business environment, it is essential for companies to implement asset management systems that provide complete visibility of their business processes. Knowing where your assets are at any given time will achieve a greater understanding of how your business functions, increasing efficiency and productivity, and therefore streamlining resource allocation. The Orion data network uses active RFID asset management technology that connects to your network and updates information in real-time, automatically updating the location and visibility of your assets. With over 10 years of successful implementations, our award-winning Orion private data network ensures quality and reliability to every RFID tracking solution, playing a pivotal role in assisting organisations globally to manage and track their business-critical assets.

Asset Security and Asset Audit

Stop wasting resources and time using traditional asset security and asset audit management technologies. The Orion data network will completely automate your physical asset auditing processes in real-time using Orion active RFID smart enabled devices. Gain increased asset insight, generate accurate assets analysis reports, and develop better asset utilisation. Orion provides complete and accurate asset visibility by sending data every 30 seconds when in motion and every 2 minutes when stationary, delivering considerable time savings and labour costs. No scanners or handheld devices are required, the Orion data network automatically scans assets, minimising disruption in areas that are difficult to reach or inaccessible. Boasting unlimited scalability and a 5-year battery life, Orion tags are the ultimate solution to your asset audit requirements.

Factory Assets

The factory environment demands an organised, precise order of events, ensuring streamlined and effective processes are met to deliver products. Downtime due to equipment misplacement or loss has a significant effect on output and ultimately the bottom-line. Accounting for the whereabouts of fixed or capital assets is not only a fiscal obligation, it is a crucial lean business practice which can reduce asset theft and losses and maximize staff productivity and equipment utilization. Automated fixed asset tracking with NFC Group’s Orion data network will improve accuracy, reduce human involvement and provide real-time visibility of assets on the chain of custody and identify exact locations of high-value and high-utilization factory assets. Orion RFID smart sensors are small, wireless and sim-free, providing you with the latest in asset tracking solutions without expensive infrastructure installations and associated GSM costs.

High value assets

As the understanding and value of smart enabled IoT devices continues to be realised within the marketplace, individuals and companies alike are taking advantage of this advancement in technology to drive efficiency and visibility of their assets. By utilizing the exponential growth of smart devices, companies are becoming increasingly aware of how monitoring, tracking and recovering high value assets can impact on the safety, security and performance of assets in the management of these items. Orion smart devices continues to push the boundaries on traditional tracking technologies, providing unprecedented levels of visibility of remote and static High Value Assets in an infinite range of applications. Orion active RFID tags are wireless, sim-free smart devices that will transform your management visibility without the costs associated with GSM tracking devices.

Indoor tracking

NFC Group has revolutionised indoor tracking of assets and personnel using our proprietary Orion data network technology. Traditionally indoor tracking has proved difficult or has been economically inhibitive due to the high costs associated with infrastructure installations. Using active RFID tags and UHF broadcast radio solutions, Orion can easily track all assets indoors and externally, completely wirelessly and sim-free. NFC Group will monitor, track and recover assets in real-time, providing the most advanced asset management platform to date for your organisation. Based on RSSI location with bespoke mapping software, Orion tags can be attached to any substrate or asset and have a 5-year battery life and come in a range of product forms.

Livestock Security

Orion active RFID livestock smart sensors incorporate GPS location functionality without the need for expensive GSM sim costs or laborious hardwired installations. Our livestock tracking solutions have been designed with farmers to provide complete livestock visibility and the ability to initiate recovery options if your stock has been compromised by theft. Using advancements in RFID technology, NFC Group will completely secure livestock in remote locations and utilize a layered security approach to completely secure and deter potential thieves. In the case of theft, an instant alert will be sent directly to the livestock management, so a recovery process can be initiated to repatriate lost assets.

Real time tracking

NFC Group designs and develops technologically advanced asset tracking software and hardware that incorporates the Orion data network to companies and organisations globally, increasing supply chain visibility and real-time tracking of assets. Asset management is simplified with active RFID smart technology, turning your physical assets into digital data for accurate inventory and location information ultimately increasing your organisation’s supply chain management, saving considerable time and money. Orion RFID tags report data back to your centralized management platform every 30 seconds whilst in motion and every 2 minutes when stationary, completely wireless sim-free, Orion will transform your real-time tracking requirements.

Void property security

NFC Group provides fully customisable and bespoke security solutions that are designed for vacant properties ensuring they remain viable whilst reducing servicing costs. Using our Orion security solutions, protecting, managing and monitoring your vacant property from unauthorised visitors and unexpected damages from fire and flooding has never been easier. Using the latest in active RFID technology, Orion smart sensors will protect all points of ingress and changes in environmental conditions such as heat and moisture, sending real-time alerts so you can effectively manage your properties. Orion is a completely wireless and sim-free solution for all your void property requirements.