Security Consultancy

Site Security Consultancy

As there is such a broad range of devices available with each utilising different technologies, it is of critical importance that each customer is supplied with the solution that fully satisfies their requirements. As such when we receive enquiries, rather than simply quote a price for a product, our consultants engage with the customer in order to fully understand the requirements before analysing the options in order to determine the optimum solution.

Depending on the site based nature of certain solutions, our consultants attend the site as part of the product selection process, or more commonly, to ensure that the agreed solution is implemented correctly. For wireless GSM based tracking devices this may not be necessary, however for solutions such as our Orion network, it is important to assess the site size, topology and access when installing the Gateway infrastructure. The result of this strategic installation process is complete RFID coverage for communications, as well as the opportunity to map out the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Information) for low power mapping.

Whilst technologies are improving all of the time, they need to be fully understood in order to be implemented correctly and fully optimised. Here at NFC we understand this, which is why we promote this service alongside all of our technologies. We ensure that each solution sold works for every customer.