NFC Group have designed and implemented bespoke wildlife tracking collars, and these products are currently monitoring and preserving endangered animals worldwide.

The tracking collar configured to the Orion network was initially designed to track the Black Rhinos in Africa, and it has proven to be hugely successful. The system offers real time data analytics to provide optimum visibility, even in challenging environments where GPS signal is lacking. This cost-effective, highly scalable network can be easily installed anywhere in the world.


Wildlife Tracking The hardware and software used is entirely unique because the the Orion tracking devices use RFID GPS signalling to communicate with an Orion gateway. The Orion tracking device within the collar learns the surrounding environment by collecting essential data, and feeds back information to the gateway every two minutes whilst the animal is stationary, and every 30 seconds whilst in motion. Orion tracking devices are highly advanced compared to other tracking technologies because of the number of features that can be monitored. Data that can be communicated include location, motion, speed, and temperature. In addition they report shock, vibration and tilt. The battery of the tracking device within the collar is powered through a charged battery and can last up to 3 years depending on the battery type used. Solar energy can also be used to ensure the device is constantly feeding back information. Because the Orion network engages up to 10 miles of coverage through a single gateway, costs are reduced and efficiency of tracking is much improved. The ongoing costs associated with other methods of tracking, such as bluetooth, 3G and Wifi are extremely high and are not sustainable over a long period of time. With the Orion network, reliable and accurate, long term optimum animal visibility is ensured and at a low cost.