Military Assets Visibility

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Military assets visibility

Military organisations have always understood the importance of logistics. The military environment creates its own, unique demands. There is also the need to be able to integrate smoothly with the commercial logistics environment. With thousands of miles between home bases and theatres of operation around the world, just getting all the men and material in place is considerable feat in its own right. Broadly speaking the transportation process can be split into the green fleet and the white fleet. Very often the goods are containerised and the containers are loaded, sealed, moved then unloaded, often after a multimodal trip. This means there is a requirement to audit the containers, to make sure they have not been breached. Depending on where in the world the containers are moving, attacks on containers can be anything from hijacking, theft, covert theft or simply loss through accidents. The key requirement is to provide asset audit and asset visibility at each node along the route. This enables planners to narrow down the sections where problems occur. Better visibility of the process allows the issues to be addressed in the appropriate manner. Military assets visibility

The solution that has been used globally is a combination of three different types of technology. The first piece of equipment is a satellite tracking device, rugged, low cost but limited numbers of messages per day. The second piece of equipment is a GSM/GPS device with an international roaming SIM. This can be connected to PIR (passive infrared) sensors in the container. The third piece of equipment is a low cost Orion tag. This might be in the cargo or on the container. If the Orion tag is in the cargo, this acts as a useful way of following the stolen goods. Stolen containers are processed at sites or moved along main supply routes. Having an Orion tag on the cargo helps locate these sites.

World wide tracking, split into three levels, satellite, GSM and Orion.Three independent boxes, prevents a single point of failure from knocking the system out. Three low cost solutions, enabling a pick and mix approach to different classes of cargo. Secure data delivered over an API into existing software systems. Map based views available on any browser with a secure link. Provides a daily global audit of all equipment movements.

Military asset protection