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RFID GPS Stock Monitoring 

Warehouses are a principal part of any large product-based company. A company such as this requires a warehouse so that it can accommodate sudden demands. If the demand for a product is always met, profit can be optimised.

It is not sensible to allocate more money to stock than is required. There is a risk of being unable to utilize profits because of money spent unnecessarily. This balance; to be able to both accommodate the needs of the client while maximising profitability, is crucial and can be monitored electronically. The Orion system is best suited to this application.

The Orion system incorporates a hub which is connected to the internet by a physical connection. This hub (gateway) can receive signals from, and interrogate, an unlimited number of assets. Each asset is fitted with an RFID GPS tag, which sends state information to the hub periodically (Motion = 30 seconds between reports, Not in Motion = 2 minutes between reports). The frequency of these reports provides, effectively, real-time stock monitoring. Any asset leaving/entering the premises will be visible to the client within a maximum of 30 seconds.keg tracking device

The Gateway is normally powered by a domestic supply, while the asset tracking tags are battery-powered with a life of 3-5 years – dependant on use. Security is also incorporated into the application. Email/SMS alerts are available for any unit: leaving the premises when expected to stay or simply going into motion when it is not expected to. Gateways belonging to other users provide further information (confidentially) if any tag enters its area of coverage. The stock management system is visible anywhere in the world. While a Gateway is not lilimited by the number of assets that it can ‘see’, it is limited by its range. An unobstructed view at ground level provides a range of 500 meters. It is important to know that this range is greatly affected by the height of the gateway. If the Gateway is placed upon a 5 meter mast, the range is increased dramatically. Multiple Gateways can be used together to create a larger area of coverage if required.

The Gateway communicates with its tags by a low-powered radio signal and so does not use the GSM networks. The benefit of this is the removal of any ‘on-going’ costs because there is no SIM card/network contract. The most common warehouse application is to simply ‘plug’ the Gateway into a local internet connection (removing annual/monthly charges). If the application is planned in a more remote location, the Gateway is also available as a 3G Gateway and a Satellite Gateway.