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Container Tracking  System – Summary

There are more than seventeen million shipping containers scattered around the world’s oceans at any given point in time. The loss of these containers and a lack of asset visibility whilst at sea can have a knock-on effect all the way through the supply chain – from shippers to the receiving companies. As a result, shipping containers attract substantially hiked insurance premiums, and  the reputations of the companies involved can be damaged. The Orion network, can help your business streamline its container tracking requirements whilst offering real time visibility anywhere on earth AND significantly reduce operation costs. For the first time, containers in the furthest reaches of the world’s oceans can be tracked in real time along with critical container data such as temperature and tamper reports.


NFC Group’s Orion network puts you in complete control of your containers anywhere in the world offering cost effective container visibility and key data analytics. Orions low cost active RF tags work in a totally unique way by reporting back detailed information every 30 seconds whilst in motion. The tags relay: time, temperature, tamper speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports, and relative signal strength indication (RSSI). Depending on which battery is selected to power the tags, they will remain operational for up to 5 years reporting in on a 30 second cycle with a D cell battery. Moreover, some of our larger household name clients employ a combination of tracking technologies to enable truly global and comprehensive asset visibility. This is normally a combination of satellite communications integrated over the Orion network.  Alternatively, Orion can be tethered to the ship satellite base station meaning internal real time container analytics anywhere in earth.


GPS container trackingReduce operational cost by increasing asset visibility.
Real time cost-effective tracking in the event of theft or loss of container.
Fully backed recovery service offered by a world-renowned security company.
Detailed information reports every 30 seconds in motion or 2 minute stationary. No SIM cards or ongoing monthly contracts.
Beacon mode enables assets to be found outside of Orion coverage anywhere in the world.
Small physically active tag size  – from AAA to D cell.
Tags have multiple inputs for bespoke customisation if required.
Adaptable technology – Orion can be integrated over an API to to any server of your choice.
256 bit encrypted network, we take security very seriously.
Simple plug and play hardware, no configuration required at customer site.
The worlds largest GPS hotspot network – all tags report over any and every gateway within range.
Orion coverage from 500 meters up to 10 kilometres.

Our market leading container tracking devices are used to track shipments and assets to and from some of the most remote regions of the world and on the all the major shipping routes across the globe. We are often able to offer our proven off-the-shelf hardware and software, providing comprehensive yet highly cost-effective GPS container tracking systems solutions.  Our off-the-shelf solutions such as the M360  offer truly global coverage and are designed to endure even the harshest of environments. Proven in operation the world over, we are able to offer an unbeatable asset tracking devices and software in the GPS container tracking sector.

For clients who require non-standard solutions we offer purpose-controlled tracking hardware and software requirements, and specialist asset recovery if required. Using state-of-the-art software design, we will provide tailored solutions to satisfy any brief. Our market is international and we offer a global consultation service.

Existing clients currently using our products and services include some of the most recognisable companies in the world.  We work with numerous government agencies and NGOs,  freight forwarding, trailer and many other business sectors: oil and gas, private security forces, exploration, leading car manufacturers, and over 100 other businesses and organisations. We hold several industry-recognised tracking and logistics based awards.

Please see our products page for GPS container tracking solutions such as the M360 and the T360. If you have a specific requirement please contact us directly or request a call back. We will respond promptly.