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Using the latest in RFID technologies, NFC Group implements private data networks to businesses and individuals to track, monitor and recover assets globally. We provide bespoke asset management solutions with unlimited scalability to streamline and enhance business processes whilst reducing outgoings by up to 75%. Increase asset management and visibility using military grade NFC Group smart devices

Orion pressure pads are rugged and robust in design whilst maintaining complete functionality associated with our active RFID tag range that detects the change of state, in this case, pressure. Pressure pads have many different applications, from agricultural uses to monitoring fine works of art or even under a doormat to identify visitors, the common denominator is that when the pressure changes an instant alert is sent to inform the asset owner and an appropriate response can be initiated.



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Complete asset security and protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with real-time monitoring and first instance alerts.


Reduce on-going costs with sim-free, intelligent IoT devices that will streamline your business processes by maximizing productivity.


Comprehensive asset visibility providing increased efficiency and effectivity in the management of your assets.

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