Oil and Gas Pipeline Tracking Solutions

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Pipeline Tracking – Summary Pipeline tracking and pipe line monitoring falls are two distinct stages. Firstly there is the monitoring of the pipes as they make their way from the foundry to the construction site. This is typically a multi-modal journey. The pipes need to be counted on and off the ship, onto the dockside, [...]

Global Asset Visibility Solutions

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Producing a global daily audit is now a common request from multinational clients. This is the location and status of all key asset visibility solutions anywhere on the planet. The requirement is driven by a desire to account for expensive or critical items and to bring greater clarity to the logistics within the organisation. So [...]

Critical Infrastructure Security

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Critical infrastructure covers everything from bridges to pipelines. Today, after 9/11 and 7/7, almost anything could represent a target. It is simply impossible to defend against all types of attack. When the range and diversity of targets is considered, the scale of the problem can barely be comprehended. However, as with all things, the overall [...]

Parking Logistics

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Across the world, and in the EU in particular, thousands of hectares of commercial storage site are used to contain millions of cars. There are many reasons why such vehicles are being stored: impoundment, new cars awaiting delivery to dealerships, mothballing, and so on. Locations such as commercial docks, government council storage facilities, and or [...]

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