What is Asset Tracking?

A look at what asset tracking is all about and why your business needs it.

Asset tracking is the process used to document and monitor a company’s physical assets. It is an important part of modern-day workplace management; if you don’t have a clear idea of what your business owns, you will have no idea how much it is costing you or whether it is working properly.

In the past, asset tracking has relied on manual processes, but with advances in technology, asset tracking software has become the norm for most businesses. It not only eliminates manual labour costs, but also reduces wasted time, energy and expenses.

What are some of the benefits of asset tracking?

Better accountability and customer service

Businesses that use asset tracking software reduce the time wasted in having employees track assets manually. This not only minimises the risk of human error, but frees up staff to focus on other areas of responsibility within the company. With employees able to dedicate time to other tasks, your business will operate more efficiently, and your customers will ultimately be the ones to benefit from these internal improvements.

Improved efficiency and accuracy

Asset tracking provides valuable, high-level insight into the performance of your business’s physical spaces. This is important because it allows you to understand the way these spaces utilise assets, giving you time to focus on streamlining business operations. Data tracking also helps your business anticipate asset needs(such as equipment maintenance) before they become urgent.

A path to business growth

Manually tracking inventory is time-consuming. It can also be challenging to keep track of everything you own. Investing in asset tracking software means there is no need for guesswork. With data-driven reports, hard facts will dictate business decisions, allowing your business to utilise trends to prepare for future growth.

Who should invest in asset tracking software?

Asset tracking software is important for all types of organisations.Companies such as Track360 can provide innovative monitoring and recovery solutions to all industry sectors.

These software solutions are particularly vital for companies that rely heavily on assets to operate- such as airlines, construction companies, fleet companies, and manufacturers. However, even companies in less equipment-heavy industries still need to manage asset performance. For instance, a large financial services company may operate out of several buildings that all need to be properly maintained.Assets such as office furniture, HVAC equipment, computers, printers, water heaters and sprinkler systems for fire protection are no less important than large factory machinery. If one of these assets stops working, you could be putting the health and safety of your employees at risk.

Track360’s Asset Tracking Devices

Track360’s privately-owned Orion Data Network combines radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS asset tracking and security.  This low-power, long-range digital data network is made up of gateways and tags that can operate over a range of between one and 15 kilometres. These tags are capable of reporting on the location and status of almost any asset –  every two minutes when static and every 30 seconds when in motion.

H360 Hybrid GPS GSM Asset Tracker

The H360 gives you vital insights into fleet information such as location, motion, shock, route, tampering and temperature, all inin real-time. This tracker is long-lasting, highly accurate, and cost-effective, making it the ideal solution for individual vehicles and fleets that are in frequent motion. It is currently in use in the following sectors to great effect: field service delivery, construction, vehicle finance and the transportation industry.

Because the tracker is powered by the battery of the vehicle that it is monitoring, there is no need to replace the internal battery. The internal back-up battery also allows you to receive data insights, even on those occasions when your vehicle is stationary or there is a problem with the vehicle battery.

M360 GPS RFID GSM Asset Tracking Device with 10 Year Battery

The M360 Global Asset Tracking device is currently used in a wide variety of industries such as the automotive industry, construction industry, supply chain logistics industry; the transportation industry and many more.

In addition to geofence location tracking, the M360 includes alarms, alerts and sensors that provide real-time data on fuel levels, routes, damage, tampering, driving behaviour and temperature. These capabilities enable you to secure the safety of your vehicles and cargo, optimise routes, improve productivity, decrease fuel costs and more. Added to this, you can oversee the M360 on any mobile device, enabling you to take control wherever you are.

The B360 Military Grade Asset Tracking Device

The B360 Asset Tracking Device has been specifically designed for military use. It uses eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon technology to enable the tracking, monitoring and recovery of high-value assets and can provide real-time visibility, alerts and reporting on assets such as weapons, safety equipment, fuel levels and even personnel.

With this technology, your business will significantly improve supply chain visibility; identify and rectify weak areas, predict equipment maintenance schedules and secure the safety of personnel in hard to reach locations.

Asset tracking devices from Tracks360 reduce costs, increase productivity and monitor and analyse asset data in real-time. Contact one of our experts today to design a solution that will benefit your business.