High risk regions are often conflict zones, which face a number of issues when it comes to communication. The lack of communication infrastructure results in a responseHigh risk regions from a number of personnel entering dangerous zones. Systems can be installed to provide control and visibility, as well as reduce the amount of support staff and volunteers needed to enter hazardous environments.


The Orion Network consists of gateways and devices that communicate with each other. Devices locate assets and can be configured to monitor a number of features to provide real time, prime asset visibility. A standard gateway can communicate with Orion devices in the distance of 1.5km, in any direction. The idea is that the more gateways installed, the more coverage gained to effectively monitor assets. The system is easy to install, adapt and expand depending on the asset tracking and security needs, all at a very low cost. In situations of urgency, it is advantageous to utilise the Orion system because it is extremely quick to deploy.