Efficient healthcare provision is essential for all societies, however, limited resources and budgets for most healthcare institutions often mean productivity and efficiency levels have to be compromised. In particular, we would highlight the large quantities of extremely expensive operational apparatus that can become misplaced within logistical systems whilst moving within hospitals, or from one hospital to another. Temporarily unlocatable apparatus initiates further demand for equipment (which may or may not exist within the system). The result is that patients are on occasion placed in danger, or replacement equipment is requested with attendant costs. Such inefficiencies are no-longer inevitable, because the inexpensive Orion tracking system can provide accurate real-time location of all monitored assets. The case is compelling, and with continuing pressure on spend we believe it will shortly be considered standard procedure to maintain such visibility of all major equipment.

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RFID Hospital assets

Vulnerable and high risk patients often need constant monitoring, and the attendant high demand for staff places a burden on people and budgets. It goes without saying – patient welfare is the essential priority, and this can be optimised by using discrete monitoring devices. Individual patient profiles can be created to suit patient needs. Hydration and temperature monitoring allows for notifications to be sent to staff to ensure fully optimised wellbeing. Data is constantly being analysed to produce reports on trends and behaviour. Not only patients who can be monitored, because for their own welfare and safety staff can also be provided with Orion devices. Healthcare Asset Tracking from NFC Group can transform the way your hospital tracks assets in real time.

The Orion Data Network operates by configuring tracking devices to an Orion gateway, enabling data to be communicated effectively. Orion tracking devices incorporate a number features which can feedback specific data, such as location, motion, vibration, tilt, shock and temperature. Critical data is communicated every 30 seconds whilst the device is in motion, or every 2 minutes whilst stationary. Alert notifications can be set up to notify staff of asset and patient movement .The system has unlimited scalability and is highly adaptable to suit asset monitoring requirements. The NHS is already utilising the Orion Network to successfully monitor patients and capital assets.

There are a number of advantages healthcare asset tracking in using the Orion Data Network, one being that the unique system has minimal ongoing costs compared to other comparable technologies. There is no need to recharge batteries on a weekly basis as Orion devices can last up to 3 years depending on the battery used. The system can provide coverage of up to 10 miles and because it is wireless, and the whole system is very easy to install.