NFC consider the Orion network to be a fundamental tool for any airport. The astonishing number of key assets, site staff, and contractors employed across an airport site – offers thousands of opportunities to deploy Orion’s essential functions. The very size of any airport makes it immediately obvious that accurate real time information on asset visibility and logistics offers a dramatic opportunity to increase productivity. Despite the opportunities offered by superior technology, PMR radio is currently the preferred means of communications, even at some of the largest and busiest airports in the world. The result, is an almost taxi-like service where employee A communicates with employee B to broker the task in hand. The process is inefficient, outdated. That broken system can be replaced quickly and cost-effectively by Orion, which offers infinitely superior productivity.

Airport logistics

Airport Logistics

The Orion network runs over the licence exempt 433mhz frequency which mean no on-site licensing restrictions. Taking London Heathrow as an example: the entire site would instantly gain complete real time asset visibility with a small number of gateways mounted around the airport. Gateways are very simple plug and play routers that can be deployed quickly and easily without technical knowledge. Orion’s active RF tags work in a totally unique way – by reporting back detailed critical information about the chosen asset every 30 seconds whilst in motion. Orion GPS tags relay: time, temperature, speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports and relative signal strength indication (RSSI tracking). Depending on which battery is selected to power the tags, they will remain operational for up to 4 years reporting in on a 30 second cycle. This is all achieved without the requirement of SIM cards. Airport Logistics from NFC.

Airport Logistics – Benefits

  • Access control – automate access request for staff and subcontractors.
  • Know where all employees, contractors and staff are located at all times.
  • Real-time audit.
  • Reduce transfer time and increase asset visibility.
  • Data Independent of GSM networks.
  • No SIM cards or ongoing monthly contracts.
  • Comprehensive mapping technologies – locate an asset within seconds.
  • Reduce operational cost by increasing onsite productivity.
  • Real time cost effective tracking in the event of theft or loss of asset.
  • Fully backed recovery service offered by a world renowned security company.
  • Detailed information reports every 30 seconds in motion or 2 minutes whilst stationary.
  • Gain insight analytics of the airport.
  • Beacon mode enables assets to be found outside of Orion coverage anywhere in the world.
  • Small physically active tag size – from AAA to D cell.
  • Tags have multiple inputs for bespoke customisation if required.