Pipeline Tracking – Summary

Pipeline tracking and pipe line monitoring falls are two distinct stages. Firstly there is the monitoring of the pipes as they make their way from the foundry to the construction site. This is typically a multi-modal journey. The pipes need to be counted on and off the ship, onto the dockside, then counted on and off the rolling stock. This could include generating the waybills and other customs specific paperwork for cross border travel.

Once the pipes are laid and in place, the question becomes one of monitoring the status quo to make sure the pipeline in intact. Depending on where in the world the pipeline is laid it could be subject to pilfering, sabotage or even terrorist attack. It is not possible to defend against everything but it is possible to provide timely notification of problems.

Pipeline Tracking – Solution

The solution is to use Orion tags installed magnetically five or more feet inside the pipe. This prevents tampering by hand during the journey and makes it possible to remove the tags without leaving a residue inside the pipe.Each tag has a unique identity and therefore each section of pipe can be uniquely tracked. Furthermore the tag will radiate its identity hundreds of metres from the pipe so this avoids anyone having to climb over stacks of pipes to read the information. This is especially important on quaysides and outside controlled environments where the operations are not governed by a high level of health and safety.Once the pipe line is in place, Orion tags can monitor the status of valves and even the structural integrity of the pipe itself. In wilderness areas tags can operate for as much as ten kilometres between gateways providing a very easy and low cost way in which to improve pipeline security.

Pipeline Tracking – Benefits

Pipe tracking to the construction site is always useful because things go missing in a large supply chain simply because of the length and the complexity. This can be caused by any number of things but rolling stock being diverted, abandoned or even breaking down can strand key elements in a siding with no easy way to find out what is happening.Even assuming everything runs smoothly, simply being able to account for all sections of the pipeline remotely is often a tangible benefit. Then there is the option to automate a lot of the customs process and manage the whole task with minimum health and safety risks.Once the pipeline is in place, Orion tags provide a simple and cost effective asset monitoring solution. The alternative is often to fly the length of the pipeline or use patrols to check for problems. Orion tags can provide a low cost level of remote monitoring that can detect tamper, people or even attacks on the pipe with cutting gear or explosives.