Producing a global daily audit is now a common request from multinational clients. This is the location and status of all key asset visibility solutions anywhere on the planet. The requirement is driven by a desire to account for expensive or critical items and to bring greater clarity to the logistics within the organisation. So much of the Oil and Gas industry is driven on a project by project basis but this is an concept that joins everything together in one unified command and control system.

Asset visibility solutions

To achieve a daily global audit in an efficient manner that minimises the communications costs, there are usually three different types of devices used. Firstly there are satellite devices for remote areas. GSM is then used for assets on the move and Orion asset tracking tags are fitted to devices in compounds or lower value devices in transit. The results show where everything is on the globe.

global asset visibility


This information can then be turned into useful logistics, security and accounting information at the press of a button, using the existing web interface. Alternatively all the data can be feed into existing ERP systems using the APIs available. It at the simplest level, this provides a global map with icons on it. As familiarity with the solution and its capabilities increase, this often expands to include zones around rigs or depots and lists of items entering or leaving these areas. A easy to grasp, global view of everything that matters to the business.