Across the world, and in the EU in particular, thousands of hectares of commercial storage site are used to contain millions of cars. There are many reasons why such vehicles are being stored: impoundment, new cars awaiting delivery to dealerships, mothballing, and so on. Locations such as commercial docks, government council storage facilities, and or long term airport parking logistics facilities are faced with what, on the face of it, is very simple problem – how to find a particular car in from among the thousands. Because previous technologies have offered neither suitability, or cost effectiveness, this process has been via an inefficient analog system: meaning visible numbers and letters to manually locate a vehicle. Inevitably, such an outdated system is hugely time consuming and inefficient – both of which have a negative effect on costs.

parking garage

NFC have created a brilliantly efficient, low cost digital parking logistics solution. By installing an Orion gateways on site, the entire area instantly gains complete real time asset visibility. Gateways are very simple plug and play routers, which can be deployed quickly and easily. These low cost active RF tags work in a totally unique way – by reporting back detailed critical information about the asset every 30 seconds whilst in motion. Orion GPS tags are able to relay: time, temperature, speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports and relative signal strength indication (RSSI). Most importantly, depending on which battery is selected to power the tags, they will remain operational for up to 4 years reporting in on a 30 second cycle. And all of this is all achieved without the requirement for SIM cards.