Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking Devices

NFC have a proven track record in delivering satellite tracking devices worldwide. Both hardware and software solutions have been delivered for some of the largest tracking projects for blue-chip companies, to Governments, and NGO’s. In addition to supplying off-the-shelf stock satellite tracking devices, we have also developed our own satellite tracker with simplex one-way communications via the Globalstar satellite network. These satellite tracking devices are now in use all over the world within some of the most hostile, remote and challenging environments on earth. This page is intended to give a basic overview of the satellite tracking devices available, from off-the-shelf simplex Globalstar trackers.

In addition to satellite tracking devices, we offer a full software solutions platform that can be modified on request to suit any brief. NFC are also able to offer an API feed if there is a requirement to run the software from clients’ servers in-house.

NFC have forged a unique close relationship with Globalstar and are therefore able to offer contract-clinching pricing on off-the-shelf products.

Two main satellite networks exist that can be used to provide global coverage at a reasonable price – Globalstar and Iridium. The satellite tracking solution used most commonly is a daughter board on the BB3 which is used to send short messages when the device is not in range of a GSM network.

Features and Benefits of Satellite tracking devices
Combined GSM and Satellite units – low cost messaging on GSM where possible backed up by satellite tracking when out of range of a network

  • Multiple sensors – tamper, temperature and shock for monitoring cargo in the supply chain
  • Global Coverage
  • Surface Mount Design
  • FCC Modular Pre-Certified
  • Low Current
  • 8 Year Plus Battery Life
  • Smallest Satellite Transmitters Available
  • Operates over the Globalstar Simplex data network

Satellite Modem

The TR360 has as all the functionality of standard T360 but carries a STX2 satellite modem operating on the Globalstar network . The modem is designed to kick in when GSM/SMS/GPRS is not available.

STX2 Specifications

The STX2 consists of a board not exceeding 2.30″ x 1.28″. (58.42mm x 32.51mm) The overall thickness of the board with components/shields does not exceed 0.25″.


  • Data transmission:
    • To guarantee data communication anywhere in the world global SIMs are used offering fixed roaming costs, and where GSM is not available revert to Satellite communication over the Globalstar network, enabling tracking on land or at Sea
  • eNCell positioning:
    • High yield, high accuracy, 3x more accurate than standard cell id.
  • The latest GPS chip-sets:
    • Provide low power GPS positions without sacrificing accuracy.
    • Supercomputer Based Positioning System – able to determine locations in the most difficult of conditions (for instance having buried)
  • RFID beacon technology:
    • Changeable frequency and power output to provide clear reception in the most difficult environments and defeat jamming.
  • Specialist long life battery packs:
    • The compact pack provides a lifespan of around 2.5 years*, with the larger pack averaging 4 years* (* based on a standard reporting cycle).
  • Dedicated Network APN:
    • Uses a unique APN with up to 100MB of bandwidth available, giving unrivalled speed and security.