Insurance Solutions

GPS Insurance Tracking Solutions.

NFC are increasingly being approached by insurance companies investigating GPS insurance tracking solutions that monitor a driver’s’ behavior. Their concept is to offer an optional service for people who consider themselves to be sensible policy holders. Opting for this service would allow the insurance company to record driving habits. Based on the trackers results, they could then offer customers the benefit of a reduced cost insurance policy.

We are able to offer various bespoke devices which enable the car owner to self-install such a device without the need for a specialist. We currently offer an ODB / GPS Encell GSM device which is simply plugged into the cars ODB port by the policyholder. This hardware then feeds back information when the car is in motion. No set-up is required by the car owner. Encell is our own secure protocol. It is approximately 100 times more accurate than standard GSM even though it works on the same network making it a powerful tool for insurance purpose tracking.