Bespoke Devices

Bespoke Tracking and Development

Bespoke tracking devices Since 1995, NFC companies have licensed and modified its own GSM/GPRS protocol stack, designed handsets (feature and smart-phones), and customized its M2M products to create niche-leading tracking products. There are more than 250 Million devices using our technology. The key to our client’s success over the years is the quality of our IP, the reliability of our services and our fast response to support requests. Our process includes:

Careful assessment of client needs: NFC views customer requirements through the prism of our experience in an effort to avoid unnecessary risks and costs in a manner that is agreed upon by the client ‘Stepwise’ translation of requirements into technical specifications, with a focus from the system-level down to ensure the simplest, optimised solution at every level.

Working closely with our partners for PCB design, ID design, assembly, final assembly and testing so that they are fully engaged with the delivery of our shared vision. Putting the plan into practice with a focus on the high-risk items and ensuring all deliveries are on-target. Communication of our progress and any necessary updates to the plan in a clear manner to all involved parties ensuring that our client is ready to execute their part of the plan, e.g. to take delivery of IP, training, prototypes, customisation and the end product without delays and hang-ups in their processes.

Hardware Design and Build

The company offers a complete ‘design and build’ service for customers wishing to specify their own bespoke tracking solution. We can base this upon existing core technologies, or work to fulfill completely new ideas. Our service is comprehensive, from design to final roll-out. We offer hardware, firmware, layout, manufacturing, servers and all associated communications infrastructure for end user application. NFC has delivered a number of major projects, mostly in the battery powered wireless space.

Bespoke Software Design

Software development can be split into two areas: firmware and serverware. Firmware sits in hardware devices, and Serverware manages the back end – usually web based systems. These projects can run into millions of lines of code, and typically include mapping, communications, databases and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) so that data can be seamlessly added into existing management systems.

New for 2015, NFC Group are currently developing a 4G LTE stack.