Asset Recovery

Specialist Asset Recovery by Aircraft

The conventional (ground-based) use of the Orion tag system provides an average range of 500m. By moving the gateway into the air, the area of usable coverage is massively increased. For an airborne Gateway, a 5 mile range is achievable across most of the UK.

Light aircraft can operate between 1000’ and 3500’ with a high degree of freedom to manoeuvre. Operating in this zone an aircraft can search an area in a fraction of the time required for a ground based system (We have been able to locate 3 separate tags across the county of Dorset within an hour of departure). Furthermore, an aircraft is not subject to local infrastructure or property boundaries.

The ground-based system can easily be incorporated into an aircraft, using a 3G router and corresponding batteries. The ability to receive incoming signals is maximised by maintaining an unobstructed downwards line-of-sight. This is achieved by placing the RFID (low power radio) antenna outside the fuselage.

The pilots are based in the south for the time being. There are more than 20 useable aircraft in Bournemouth with many more in the surrounding area. Aircraft availability is not a problem and we can fly in all but the most inclement weather, as our pilots are qualified in both visual and instrument-only conditions.

An effective airborne retrieval has to work in conjunction with a mobile ground-based unit. The aircraft-based system allows the client to refine a search from a large area (e.g. a county) to a precise address. At this point our finders on the ground can complete the retrieval process.

It is common for career criminals to repeatedly offend. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the people involved are often the same and stolen assets may be stored together prior to re-distribution. Due to our increased range and speed, the chance of ‘stumbling’ across one of these locations is higher. Another benefit is that the mobile gateway will accept information from any Orion tag, irrespective of which client it is assigned to. Providing sufficient evidence to prosecute a ‘career criminal group’ will benefit many people in a given area and knowledge of this system will act as a deterrent.


  • Pilot transfer to Bournemouth Airport 15 minutes
  • Pre-flight inspection 10 minutes
  • Start-up and taxi to runway 15 minutes
  • Departure from Bournemouth Airfield 5 minutes
  • Aircraft endurance 4.5 hours
  • Cruising speed 105 kt (121 mph)