Orion Data Network Satellite Base Stations

Our Satellite Base Stations can be installed over 99% of the globe and will provide a local ‘drop in network’ with a radius of 1-12km (range dependant of antenna height and surrounding terrain). The station can support any number of ‘tags’ with monitoring and management of each one. The tags communicate with the base station via RFID and are equipped with: a 3D motion sensor, temperature sensor, GPS module and a switched input (for status monitoring of an external device). The base station communicates with the server via satellite. There are many regions in the world not covered by GSM network or land-based internet. In the context of asset management, the data that is passed from the asset to the user requires an active internet connection. For permanent/long-term installations, local infrastructure can be improved to support land-based internet. This is a solution for more remote areas or when system is mobile/temporary. The area to be monitored can be of any size. An array of satellite base stations can be used to create an area of complete coverage. Within this defined area, any ‘tag’ can communicate with any ‘base station’ while the data is disseminated at the server. The system can run in a long-term capacity With the base station using a battery/solar cell combination and the tags using a single use ‘D’ cell battery (this provides the tag with 3-5 years of life under standard conditions) Possible monitoring applications include:

  • Vehicle/asset monitoring within a secure compound.
  • Animal monitoring within a reserve.
  • Anti-intrusion alarming in unsupervised environments.
  • Remote tamper alert in unmanned environments.
  • Workforce monitoring (this option requires a smaller battery and will support a shorter lifespan).
  • Fleet monitoring (terminal monitoring in depots, not en route)
  • 12v/24v


  • Battery Type: Proprietary Lithium
  • Weight: 1 lb 5.6 oz
  • Battery Life (Up To): 8 years
  • Motion Sensor: Yes
  • Battery Replacement: Field Replaceable
  • Inputs: 2.4 GHz RF Sensors
  • Antennas (Internal): GPS Receiver, Simplex Data Radio
  • Operation Modes: Basic tracking, Interval override, Reduced messaging
  • Alarm Messaging: Motion, Temperature, Voltage, Any I/O, Battery Status
  • Programming Tool: Wireless / PC
  • Programming Software: Java Based
  • Environmental: Waterproof, Harsh Conditions
  • Installation: Adhesive Kit, Mounting Bracket


  • Supervisory Position Reporting
    Wake, GPS locate, transmit location, resume sleep
    Up to 12 programmable sleep intervals or time-of-wake settings
  • Interval Override
    Alternate supervisory reporting schedule triggered by alarm or local event
    Transmits GPS location on new interval for time or alarm duration
  • Configurable Alarm
    Independently configurable: negative, positive or any edge
    Immediate message, GPS locate then message or engage interval override
  • Integrated Motion Sensor
    Message on start and stop on motion
    Engage interval override on motion for time or motion duration
  • Field Replaceable Battery Pack
    Up to 8 year battery life (2 updates/day)
  • GeoFence
    Report region match on location determination
    Engage interval override on region match fail