NFC is delighted to announce the arrival of the GPS wildlife collar.  This exceptional device has been specifically designed to track the black rhinos of Tanzania. The project requirements offered a difficult challenge and interesting to the design team.Wildlife tracking device

There is was no GSM signal whatsoever in the region to be covered, so no SIM cards could be used, and there was also no mains power. In terms of the actual unit requirements, we were asked how often the GPS wildlife collar could report as this was a priority factor in the system the client was looking for. To further complicate matters battery life in excess a year on a single charge was specified. In addition to this specification, the tracking solution had also to be achieved within cost and system scalability requirements.

Our solution was a combination of GPS tracking technologies in conjunction with our Orion RFID GPS Tags. Without easy access to power on the game reserve, we elected to design a solar powered tracking solution.

For these highly important black rhinos GPS tracking collars, we modified an Orion RFID GPS Tag, and mounted it to a padded kevlar collar with specialist security bolts.  Due to the lack of GSM in the area and with the problem of huge battery demands from GPS, we concluded that if we could power an Orion hot spot network, it would  create the perfect tracking solution.

After taking into account Tanzania’s general environmental operating conditions, we created a fully solar powered Orion satellite base station. Using carbon weave masts to mount the base stations securely around the game reserve, we successfully created a 7 KM squared Orion hotspot network with a rechargeable  backup battery. With the GPS tags reporting every 30 seconds and relaying the data over RFID back the base stations, Orion could now operate fully independent of power for 3 years at time with real time tracking of the black rhinos.

NFC is pleased to feel that it has been able to give greater security to magnificent but endangered animals.