B360 High Value Asset Tracker

B360 asset tracking device

The B360 high value asset tracker designed and built in the UK is widely regarded as one of the most durable asset tracking devices available in the world today.Read More »

N360 MIcro Asset Tracker


The N360 has been evolved from the micro tracker to resolve a particularly common problem whereby customers require frequent communications and an extensive operational life but cannot compromise on the size of the device – Limited supply, please contact head office for enquiries.Read More »

Orion RFID GPS Beacon Tags

Orion GPS Tags asset tracking

Motion tags are standard type of Orion tag. The tags transmit every two minutes when stationary and every thirty seconds when in motion. On that regime the single lithium AA battery will run a tag for a year in a climate like the UK.Read More »

G360 GPS RFID Rugged Asset Tracker

G360 GPRS RFID Tracker

The G360, a market leading GPRS RFID Tracker offers unrivalled plant tracking protection for Plant and Machinery. The incorporated GPRS and Smart Beacon Technology provides excellent recovery, even in the most challenging environmental conditions.Read More »

M360 GPS RFID GSM Tracking Device - 10 Year Battery

AXTracker-MMT-2 asset tracking device

M360 Global Container Tracker, a premium asset tracking device responsible for tracking assets around the globe in demanding environments. GPS RFID Satellite tracking device.Read More »

S360 Smart One Asset Tracker

Smartone asset tracking devices

Battery operated with up to 4 years operational battery life from 4  AA Lithium cells the S360 is easy to install and is the most cost-effective mobile and stationary asset tracking and location GPS Container Tracker device on the market today.Read More »

Q360 Micro Rugged Asset Tracker

Rugged small asset tracking device

Whilst the Q360 is not designed & built by NFC, we have been very impressed with this micro asset tracker after extensive field testing. Small rugged tracker.Read More »

GSM Anti - Jamming Device

GSM Anti - Jamming Device asset tracking

NFC’s anti jamming device was recently developed for a security company who requested we design a product that alarms when jamming devices are detected. IF jamming technologies are detected, the anti-jammer will alert the client instantly. Due to nature of this product – please contact the head office for enquiries.

W360 Wildlife GPS RFID Tracking Collar

Wildlife tracking collar

NFC is delighted to announce the arrival of the GPS wildlife collar.  This exceptional device has been specifically designed to track the black rhinos of Tanzania. Pinpoint location and small wildlife tracker. GPS RFID.Read More »

H360 hybrid GPS GSM Asset Tracker

H360 GPS GSM Micro hybrid tracking device

The H360 Hybrid tracker is used exclusively with powered vehicles. It provides the same data as its wireless counterpart, GPS/eNCell positioning, motion, tamper alert ) but can draw power from the vehicle battery.Read More »