GPS Hybrid Tracking Device

Any battery powered tracking device is subject to a compromise between the frequency of transmissions and the life of the unit. The battery will also need replacement at the end of its life because it is typically non-rechargeable. Hybrid tracker is used exclusively with powered vehicles. It provides the same data as its wireless counterpart (GPS/eNCell positioning, motion, tamper alert ) but can draw power from the vehicle battery. If the vehicle is used regularly, the unit will always be supplied with power and can therefore report as frequently as required (to the extent of producing real-time telematics data).

The ’12v/24v BB3 Hybrid tracking device′ can be fitted to any vehicles type, it includes a rechargeable battery and accepts a supply voltage of both 12v and 24v. It can, therefore, be fitted to any vehicle and have an indefinite lifespan, assuming regular vehicles use. While the tracking unit can only be guaranteed to work for a month after the vehicles integrated battery is depleted, it will recharge as soon as the vehicles is running again. The internal battery is only in use when vehicles power supply is cut.

The unit is waterproof and so can be installed either inside or outside the cabin of the vehicle. For instances where the vehicle is expected to remain dormant for longer periods of time, a supplementary battery can also be fitted.

Possible monitoring applications include:

  • Trailer
  • Plant machinery
  • Car
  • Lorry